2018 Season - Clairmont Cudas Divisional Meet (10 and unders)

Jun 27, 2018 (11:00 AM) - Jun 27, 2018 (03:00 PM)
June 19, 2018
June 27, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
2018 Summer Cudas


Every Cuda is invited to participate in the Atlatna Swimming Association's Divisional championships held on Wednesday June 27th.  Your swimmer's entry fee is already covered by the team fees you've already paid. If your swimmer wants to participate in the League championships on Saturday, June 30th, they must qualify at the Dvisional meet on the 27th.


For more information please continue reading the following meet information or go to

2018 ASA Championship Meet Information

ENTRY FEE: $20 per swimmer (already covered by your team fees)

ASA Championship – Entries Due – Friday, June 22 at 3 pm. For full info refer to pages 25-26 of the ASA Rule Book.


Wednesday, June 27 (9 am -12 pm – 10 and unders 3 pm – 6 pm 11 and overs)
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (approximate time)

Teams - Avondale, Briarcliff / Sagamore, Briarmoor Manor, Clairmont, Decatur, Echo Ridge, Glenwood Park, Healthy Lifestyles Healthy Kids, Intown Dolphins, Lake Claire, Leafmore Creek Park, Leslie Beach Club, Lindmoor Woods, Northumberland, Nottaway, Pangborn, Smokerise, Twin Lakes, Venetian Pools, Westhampton/Embry Hills, Winding Vista.


Atlanta Swim Association Championship Rules and Regulations

1. Participation Requirements: A swimmer must have participated in at least one regularly scheduled dual meet to be eligible for the championship meet.

2. Entry Fees: The entry fee check should be made payable to Atlanta Swim Association and should be brought to each team’s divisional session. The entry fee for the meet is a flat $20.00 per swimmer. Teams must submit ONE CHECK for their entry fees.

3. Entry Format and Deadline: Entries must be completed using Hy Tek Team Manager.
All entries are due no later than Friday, June 22nd at 3 pm to

4. Entry File Requirements: A Hy Tek Team Manager entry file, PDF file export of the
entry report, and final team roster must be included with the entries. Entry fees along with a final balance of team dues must be delivered by the first day of the league championship.

5. Entry Limits: Each swimmer is allowed to enter two individual events and two relays.
Teams may enter and score as many swimmers as they want in any individual event.

6. Relay Entry Limit: For the Divisional session, teams may only enter 3 relays in each
relay event and only one relay per team per relay event can score. If a team places more than one relay in the top 24 they will receive awards for the swim, but they will not receive the points. Those points will be given to the remaining teams dislocated by second relays.

7. Meet Warmps: Scheduled warmups for each session will be offered 90 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled divisional session. There will be an open warmup available for all teams for finals. Feet first entries for all warmups only, except for designated one way sprint lanes. Teams failing to follow these procedures will be removed from their warmup session.

8. Returning Swimmers: Teams will compete in a Divisional meet on either Wednesday,
Thursday, or Friday. The top 10 relay times, top 40 individual 10 and under times and top 30 11 and over individual times from the combined results of the divisional meets will return for the Championship Final at the end of the week. Both the divisional and
championship sessions will be scored and team awards will be provided for each meet.


9. Relay Qualifying Limits: For the Championship session teams will be allowed to only
advance their fastest relay from the divisional meets. It is strongly advised that teams use the same personnel for the Championship that they used in the Divisional, unless a
swimmer is unable to attend the Championship session.


10. Meet Results and Posted Qualifiers: RESULTS FROM DIVISIONALS WILL BE

11. Scoring Divisions: For the Divisional Meet, teams are ranked prior to the meet based on a formula that includes current season dual meet wins (2 points per win), team entry size (1 point for each 10 swimmers entered), and points scored in the previous year’s championship (1 point per 50 points scored) and will be scored separately for team points.

The top 3 teams in each division will receive a trophy. There will be approximately 12 –
15 teams per division in each meet.


12. Scoring: The top 24 places for the divisional and the top 20 places for the championship will score.

13. Finals Scoring: Swimmers qualifying for the Championship session can place anywhere in the session. A swimmer in the first heat can place as high as first, a swimmer in the lastheat can place as low as last in that session.

14. Meet Bullpen and Athlete Staging: All swimmers must go through the bullpen to
participate in any race. All swimmers should report to the bullpen on the first call. No
swimmer will be paged to the bullpen. Only competitors and authorized meet workers are allowed in the bullpen.

15. Coaches Area: Only coaches will be allowed in the coach’s area.

16. Event Alternates: Alternates (first or second only) will be eligible to be placed into an open lane for a swimmer who does not show for their race. Once a heat has left the
staging area to be taken to the blocks the seated alternate will swim in that heat. A
qualified swimmer who no shows for that race will then assume the first alternate spot if they show after their heat has left the staging area.


17. Finals Scratches: Scratches for the Championship session should be communicated as soon as possible to allow notification of alternates. Teams will be provided a scratch form when they get their heat sheets for their divisional session. That scratch sheet must be returned to the meet manager before the end of that team’s divisional session. Swimmers who fail to show for finals without a medical excuse or other family emergency are subject to a $10/event fine, payable by the team.

Teams that have more than 10% of their qualifiers for finals no show for the ASA
championship finals without being properly scratched from that session during their
divisional will not be allowed to score team points in the finals session. Swimmers from
that team will still be allowed to compete and receive individual awards, but will not score team points.


18. Swimming Up: The rules regarding swimming up in age group in dual meet competition apply for the League Championship Meet.

19. Late entries are allowed for the league championship meet on a lane availability basis for individual events only at a cost of $25 per individual event and $50 per relay.
Changing of events at the league championship is not permitted.


20. Awards: The top 30 swimmers will receive awards for each divisional session. Medals will be provided for the top 10 finishers in the Championship session; ribbons will be provided for all other places.

21. Smoking and glass items are prohibited inside the pool area.

22. Parking: Cars illegally parked will be towed immediately at the owner’s expense. Please carpool whenever possible, this is a very large event. The cost of parking at Georgia Tech is $15 per vehicle per day or at a discount by visiting Please refer to the parking diagram included to
find the best place to park.


23. Team Areas: Teams must sit in the designated team area and not in spectator areas. Teams violating this procedure will be seated somewhere near the Alabama border the following season. In the even numbered years teams starting with A-M will be allowed to sit on the deck, and Teams N-Z will sit in the upper seating areas. In the odd numbered years teams starting with N-Z will sit on the deck and teams A-M will sit upstairs. Teams should not set up their athlete team areas in seating sections 103-109, those are reserved for spectators only.

24. No teams may be set up inside the Aquatic Center 90 minutes before the start of any session. Please leave all glass containers at home. No glass is permitted on the pool deck.

25. Concessions provided will include: food & drink, T-shirts, swimsuits, and swim supplies.