Team Pictures

June 22, 2018 (08:30 AM) - June 22, 2018 (11:30 AM)
June 22, 2018


 Picture Day is coming!

No payment is required day of!  Swimmers have individual photos taken in front of a screen that are then put together to form our team photo.  You can also have individual photos of your swimmer(s) taken by the pool.  The results are fantastic and the process could not be easier.

Information about how to access and order our pictures will be available at the photo session.  

Come during your swimmers time slot and if you have multiple swimmers then you can choose the time slot that best suits your family's schedule.

8 and Unders:  8:30-9:10

9-10s:  9:10-9:50

11-12s:  9:50-10:30

13 and Ups/Little Ripples:  10:30-11:30