Athens Bulldog Invite

Jul 6, 2018 (06:00 PM) - Jul 9, 2018
April 23, 2018



Date: July 6-8 2018

Location:University of Georgia’s Gabrielsen Natatorium 330 River Road, Athens GA 30602  

Eligibility: Swimmers with FUTURES CHAMPIONSHIPS Qualifying Times 

Format: Prelims/ Finals 

Swimmers commit deadline: April 23 

Coaches comitt deadline: June 22

CTM sending entries in: June 28

We are asking our SCSC families who have swimmers that have the qualifications for this meet, to let us know if they would like to attend. Please indicate if you'd like to attend this meet by Monday April 23rd so we can let the meet host know how many swimmers we will be bringing. 

Thank you! 


Session                                              Day                                         Warm-up Meet Start

    *                                 Thursday Warm-up 4:00-7:00 PM                              *

    1                                 Friday Preliminaries 7:00-8:50 AM                       9:00 AM

    2                                 Friday Finals 4:30-5:45 PM                                  6:00 PM

     3                                Saturday Preliminaries 7:00-8:50 AM                    9:00 AM 

    4                                Saturday Finals 4:30-5:45 PM                                6:00 PM

     5                                Sunday Preliminaries 7:00-8:50 AM                       9:00 AM

    6                                Sunday Finals 4:30-5:45 PM                                  6:00 PM

ENTRY LIMIT: Swimmers may enter as many events as they wish but may swim a maximum of three individual events per day including Time Trials. The swimmer is responsible for scratching from oversubscribed events. Scratches must be received by the Admin Referee by the relevant scratch deadline in order not to count toward a swimmer’s event limit. Otherwise, swimmers will be automatically scratched from the event that puts them over the daily limit.  


  • Individual Event
  • $15.00 per event LSC Travel surcharge (Non GA teams)
  • $2.00 per swimmer
  • Time Trials events $20.00 per event
  • Late Entry Fee $20.00 per event
  • Coaches Travel Fee: $30 per swimmer ( $60 max per family) 
  • Deck $5.00

SEEDING: Swimmers should be entered with LCM times and will be seeded from slow to fast unless otherwise indicated. Heats and events may be combined at the discretion of the Meet Referee. 


  • This meet will follow USA Swimming procedures specified in rule 207.11.6 except where exceptions are stated. Swimmers who do not intend to swim an event, or must scratch down to the three events per day limit, or need to make room for a time trial should scratch by the indicated deadline. Scratch cards should be completed and deposited in the scratch box at Clerk of Course by the appropriate deadline. While there will be no penalty for failure to compete in preliminary heats of events 200M or less, swimmers and coaches should remember that late entries will only be accepted for empty lanes. Therefore, all coaches are asked to declare any scratches to the Clerk of Course before the deadlines to insure full heats and the best competition opportunities possible for all athletes. A positive check in, located at the Clerk of Course, will be required for these events. Swimmers who do not positively check in may not be seeded in the event:
  • 400 Individual Medley
  • 400 Freestyle
  • 800/1500 Freestyle (AM/PM option)  


  • Individual Events: All individual events 400 M or less will be conducted as preliminaries and finals including the 400 IM and the 400 Free, which will be deck seeded after positive check in. The 800 & 1500 Freestyle will be conducted as timed finals and will be deck seeded after positive check in.
  • Finals: There will be a Championship A Final, a Consolation B Final, a Bonus C Final, and a Bonus D Final, for all prelim/final events. The Finals heats will be swum in the following order: D Final, C Final, B Final, and A Final. Championship A Finalists are invited to the Ready Room five minutes before their event for parading. D, C, and B Finalists should report to the blocks. Alternates should report to the starter prior to the D Final and will swim in the D or C Final should no shows occur.
  • 400 IM & 400 Free:
  •  400 IM and 400 Free events will be deck-seeded after positive check in. The preliminary heats will be circle seeded (top two heats) then the fastest four women’s heats will swim slow to fast, then the fastest four men’s heats will swim slow to fast, then the remaining heats will swim fast to slow alternating women and men. 800 & 1500 Free:
  • The 800 & 1500 Free events will be conducted as timed finals and will be deckseeded after positive check in. Swimmers may indicate AM/PM preference. The fastest heat of positively checked in swimmers of each gender who select PM will swim in the Finals session. The remaining heats will swim at the end of the Preliminary session 10 minutes after the last heat of the 200 IM, fast to slow alternating women and men.
  • The Meet Referee may combine heats and events as necessary. 

  Friday                     Warm-up: 7:00 Prelims Start:9:00                        Warm-up: 4:30 Finals Start: 6:00

Women’s Event                                                                                          Men’s Event Event                                            1                                 200 Free                                                                    2

          3                               100 Breast                                                                   4

          5                                100 Fly                                                                        6                                                             7                                400 IM*                                                                       8

Saturday                   Warm-up: 7:00 Prelims Start: 9:00                      Warm-up: 4:30 Finals Start: 6:00  

Women’s Event                                                                                               Men’s Event

      9                                  200 Fly                                                                      10

     11                                 50 Free                                                                      12

     13                                200 Breast                                                                  14

     15                                100 Backstroke                                                          16

      17                               400 Free*                                                                    18  

*Positive check in deck seeded event. 

Sunday                       Warm-up: 7:00 Prelims Start: 9:00                  Warm-up: 4:30 Finals Start: 6:00 

Women’s Event                                                                                             Men’s Event Event

19                                            100 Free                                                                 20

21                                            800 Free*                                                                --

--                                              200 Back                                                                 22

23                                             200 Back                                                                --

-                                                1500 Free*                                                            24

25                                              200 IM                                                                   26

*Positive check in deck seeded event. AM/PM option. Top 8 selecting PM swim in Finals. Note that the event order for prelims will be 100 Free, 200 Back (Women first—23 then Men—22), 200 IM, then a ten minute break, then the 800/1500 Free.  


Start date: 7/5/18
End date: 7/9/18
Last day to book: 6/22/18

Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

  • Courtyard Athens Downtown  for 119.00 USD  per night




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