Falfins Long Course Open

Jun 22, 2018 (01:00 AM) - Jun 24, 2018 (01:00 AM)
June 8, 2018


Here are a few things we wanted to go over with you to make the meet run as smoothly as possible.
  • All vehicals must enter the Air Force Academy through the North gate.
  • The entrance to the pool will be on the north east side of the building.  
  • Only Swimmers, Coaches and Officials are allowed on deck along with volunteer
  • Coaches must present proof that credentials are current at clerk of course to receive deck pass.
  • Hospitality will be served in the room under the stands in the middle of the pool
  • Warmups are open for the first hour
  • the final 20 minutes will be Colorado Swimming Warmup procedures
  • Lanes 1 and 8 will be pace lanes
  • Lanes 2, 3, 6 and 7 will be for one way starts 
  • Lanes 4 and 5 will be general warmup
  • During the finals warm up, we will designate a 10 and under lane (or two) from 4:00-4:30
  • During Prelims and Finals we will be running 8 lanes in the competition pool 
  • Warm-up and cool down will be in the Water Polo pool.  The water polo pool is down the ramp through the north west corner on the score board side near the men's locker room. The diving well will be closed throughout the meet.
  • During the non qual middle session on Saturday and Sunday we will only be swimming in 6 lanes with lane 8 serving as cool down.  The Water Polo Pool will be closed.
  • Please make sure to remind all swimmers that if they do not intend to return for Finals in the evening to come scratch no matter how far down the list they are. 
  • Reminder that if someone makes finals on Saturday and is a no show in Finals they will not be allowed to swim on Sunday.  If a swimmer is scratched into finals there is no penalty but we want to have as few empty lanes as possible in Finals.
  • All athletes will receive meet bag tag and 13 and overs will receive a lanyard. These will be in your packet at check in.
  • Please remind your parents that they are not allowed on deck and all bags will be inspected. NO OUTSIDE FOOD allowed. (snacks and food in swimmer bags are fine). Please share the Air Force Academy entrance requirements with your parents. 
  • All events will start from the bulkhead. The timers will be moving for the 50's. 
  • Team timing assignments are attached. Team that do not have an assignment for timing should be on hand to provide relief timing when needed. 
  • We will be using Flyover starts for Prelims and timed finals
  • The pool will be cleared prior to each heat of Finals

There are attached files for Meet Information, AFA policies, Timing Assignments, Psych sheet and Timeline.  The Timeline for finals will change once we confirm finals each day.

Coaching schedule:

  • Friday-Denise
  • Sat AM-Kim
  • Sat Mid-Denise
  • Sat PM-Roy
  • Sun AM -Kim
  • Sun Mid-Denise
  • Sun PM-Roy


  • Friday Warm-up 3:00 PM, Start 4:00 PM Swimmers will need to provide timers for all events
  • Prelim Sessions (min B time standard) Saturday & Sunday Warm-Up: 7:00 AM, Start 8:25 AM
  • Nonqual Sessions, 3 & 6 (No time standard) Warm Up 12:30 PM, Start 1:00 PM
  • Finals & 10&U Qual Sessions (min B time standard) Saturday & Sunday Warm-Up: 4:00 PM, Start 5:00 PM
  • Changes in schedule are at the discretion of the Meet Director and Meet Referee. 

Meet Format & Entry Requirements:
Friday & Prelim/Finals on Saturday & Sunday – require minimum B Times ( Click Here for USA
Motivational Time Standards

Nonqual Session (middle day, session 3&6) on Saturday & Sunday have no qualifying time standards, but
cannot enter with a no time (NT). These session must conclude by 4pm.

Swimmers must select prelim/final sessions or the Nonqual session that will take place between prelims
and finals. Swimmers are not allowed to swim in both sessions.

Entry Limit: 3 events per day per swimmer.

Entry Fee: Individual Events $ 5.75 per event, $.75 of the individual swim goes to the CSI support fund.
Swimmer Surcharge $15.00