Penguin Palooza Fundraiser, Team Breakfast & Mock Meet Volunteer Training

June 9, 2018 (09:00 AM) - June 9, 2018 (11:00 AM)
June 9, 2018


Penguins Swim & Dive Team Families-

The Penguins Palooza is an annual fundraiser for the Swim and Dive Team, chaired by Boosters members David and Kelly Russell.  The Palooza will be held at the pool on June 9th from 9-11 am.    


  • June kicks our season off and brings the fun and excitement of our annual FUN-draiser – PENGUIN PALOOZA on June 9th.
  •          Donations will be used for Team expenses, including scholarships, expanded coaching staff and needed equipment
  •          Each athlete (swimmer or diver) is requested to obtain at least $50 in sponsorship and participate in the Palooza in support of the Team.
  •          Sponsors can be anyone – parents, neighbors, relatives and friends.
  •          The goal is to see how many dives or lengths of the pool an athlete can complete (Length of pool = 25 meters end to end)
  •          Last year we raised $2,750!!!  We want to exceed that amount this year with the new Palooza!
  •         Each donor/sponsor has the choice to sponsor the athlete 1.) by the length of pool (maximum of 50 lengths) or by dive, OR 2.) the whole performance.
    •    Examples:
      •   Grandma sponsors Johnny for 10 cents per dive. Johnny does 50 dives.  
      •   Grandma gives Johnny a check or cash that totals $5 (50 dives x $.10/length)
    •    By Performance
      •   Grandpa tells Johnny that he will donate $20 to the team upon completion of the Penguin Palooza no matter how many dives or lengths Johnny swims.
  •          When the Penguin Palooza is completed, all donated money must be submitted to David Russell by July 5th.  


  •          Breakfast is being donated by Fresh Thyme thanks to the efforts of our Events Coordinator, Adriana Lehman.  Adriana will also request a few families to contribute protein items and we will be in touch about that soon. 
  •          Great music and prizes!!!  (more to come)
  •          IMPORTANT NOTE:  An adult must accompany any athlete during the Palooza to count his/her child's laps or dives and/or attend Mock Meet Training.  It will be a high-energy and fun morning for all!
  •          Mock Meet Training, which is an opportunity for families to get pre-meet exposure to volunteer roles, will take place the morning of the Palooza for any parent/guardian to get trained on the many volunteer roles needed during swim and dive meets.


  •          Attached to this email is a donation form and a Team flyer to use when requesting donations.  We will have some printed copies at practice tonight.  Please turn in your completed donation form and collected money to David Russell by July 5th
  • Highlights to share:  
    • The Newport Penguins Swim and Dive Team, established in 2012, is a summer swim and dive program entering its 7th summer as part of the Northern Kentucky Swim League (NKSL).
    •          Last year, we placed 1st in the White Division and 6th place in the NKSL overall.
    •          The Team’s mission is to provide children from all backgrounds and experience levels with the opportunity to develop competitive swimming and diving skills, improve self-esteem, foster community pride, and have fun in the process.
    •          The Team is part of The Newport Foundation, Inc. and is a non-profit run by volunteer Boosters.
    •   The Team is a USA Swimming Foundation "Make a Splash" Local Partner and will provide FREE swim lessons to approximately 125 Newport children this summer as part of its mission to help make all children water safe.        

If you have additional questions about the Palooza, please contact David Russell at


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