SRST Pacific Coast

Jun 16, 2018 - Jun 17, 2018
April, 22 2018


Change of plans! The Port Orchard Classic meet has been taken off the PNS schedule, so we are going to attend the SRST Pacific Coast meet the weekend of June 16-17. The meet is at the KCAC. There are no qualifying time standards for this meet.

Entries are due by Sunday evening, 4/22. Please sign-in to your Chinook account to accept or decline the meet. If you accept the meet, then please choose your events. 

Please note that sessions 2 and 5 are prelims/finals, with finals swum in session 5 (prelims on Saturday and finals on Sunday). There will be one heat of 13-14 followed by one heat of 15&O in each event for each gender. 

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