2018 Long Course Junior Olympic Championships (JO's)

Jul 19, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Jul 22, 2018 (03:00 AM)
July 8, 2018


This meet is for all swimmers registered with USA Swimming who have met the qualifying standards.



Corwin Nixon Aquatic Center

Miami University

750 Oak St. 

Oxford, OH 45056


Updated Schedule:                Arrival Time      Warm-up        Meet Start          Meet End

Fri 11 & Over Prelims                7:00am           7:20am          8:30am              11:30am

Fri 10 & Under                           1:15pm            1:30pm          2:05pm               3:15pm

Fri 11 & Over Finals                  4:15pm            4:30pm         5:40pm                8:00pm

Sat 11 & Over Prelims              6:45am            7:00am          8:30am              11:45pm

Sat 10 & Under                         1:15pm            1:30pm          2:05pm               4:00pm

Sat 11 & Over Finals                 4:15pm            4:30pm         5:40pm                8:00pm

Sun 11 & Over Prelims              7:45am           8:00am          8:30am               12:45am

Sun 10 & Under                         1:15pm            1:30pm         2:05pm               3:30pm

Sun 11 & Over Finals                4:15pm            4:30pm          5:40pm                7:30pm


The normal recreation center garage is under construction, so please purchase parking permits for $3 per day at https://miamioh.edu/parking/permits/index.html. Print the pass and post clearly in your car to avoid ticketing.


Entry Limits: 3 individual events per day, 7 individual events for entire meet

Fees: $6.00 per individual event; $11.00 per relay per swimmer; $2.00 swimmer surcharge