NSSC meet at MIT

June 1, 2018 - June 3, 2018
April 24, 2018


North Shore Swim Club
Team Specialty Meet
MIT Competition Pool at Zesiger Center, Cambridge MA 02139
June 1-3, 2018
Status: ACCEPTED (with some exceptions based on date of sign up)


To the Zesiger Aquatic Center

North Shore Swim Club Long Course Specialty Meet 

June 1-3, 2018


To run chase starts and allow for all swims, we are asking for help with timers from the participating teams in the meet. We will be putting together a team timing help for these sessions and will be based on # of swimmers in the session. Timers will be invited down to the pool deck 15 minutes prior to the start of the session for the timers meeting. If any team cannot help please get back to me no later than Thursday May 31, 2018 so I can make other arrangements.



Friday Afternoon (9-12)                               Warm Up 3:30 PM, Start 3:55 PM (Changed)

Friday Evening (13-18)                                 Warm Up Not before 5:30 PM, 20 minute Warm    up, start 5 minutes later. (Changed)


Saturday Morning (13-14, 10 & U)             Warm Up 7:30 AM, Start 8:15 AM (Changed)

Saturday Afternoon (15-18, 11-12)              Warm Up 2:30 PM, Start 3:15 PM (Changed)


Sunday Morning (13-14, 10 & U)                Warm Up 7:30 AM, Start 8:15 AM (Changed)

Sunday Afternoon (15-18, 11-12)                Warm Up 2:30 PM, Start 3:15 PM  (Changed)



PRE MEET SCRATCHES- if you have anyone that will not be attending the meet, please e-mail Dan Warner at NSSC1@aol.com with those scratches prior 9:00 PM Thursday, May 31, 2018.


POOL DECK ENTRANCE – spectator gallery2nd floor spiral staircase.


Athletes – Participants in the session will be allowed on deck 15 minutes before the first scheduled warm up. 1 Coach or Parent in charge must stay in the lobby with your team and bring to the pool when instructed to do so.


Coaches and officials will use their US Swimming card as credentials to gain access to the pool. You will be allowed access to the deck with your athletes 15 minutes prior to the first warm up.


Spectators will be invited to enter the spectator gallery at the start of warm ups. 

ONLINE POSTING- at the website www.northshoreswimclub.com is the warm up schedule and other pertinent information. Please direct all your swimmers and families to this site for all the meet information. Meet Mobile & Live Results only will be used during the meet to post results. Results will be posted on the deck for swimmers and coaches.


OFFICIALS- anyone interested in officiating contact the meet Director Dan Warner at nssc1@aol.com . All information will be passed on to the meet referee.

SCRATCH PROCEDURES- Each session’s scratches are due 15 minutes after the start of the warm ups regardless of which warm up your team is scheduled for. Scratch sheets can be picked up at the timing table on deck.


CHASE STARTS: all odd number heats will start from the spectator end of the pool and all even number heats will start from the scoreboard end of the pool. All 50 events will run one way from the scoreboard to the spectator end.


FACILITY DAMAGE- Facility damage will be charged back to the responsible team.



  • Directions can be found at whereis.mit.edu
  • There is limited on street parking available.   MIT encourage swimmers to carpool when able to maximize space available.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Available parking lots can be found at http://goo.gl/maps/yrOOZ
  • Friday Night: There will be no parking available in the West Garage directly opposite the pool.  FREE PARKING will be available at 252 Albany surface lot.
  • Saturday and Sunday:  $6 (Credit/Debit Only) limited event parking will be available at MIT West garage on Vassar Street across the street from the Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center.  Vehicles that are not parked in a marked spot will be ticketed and towed.


SPECIAL NOTE- MIT has been gracious in accepting New England Swimming into their complex. Please note that NSSC will expect proper behavior from everyone. Please go out of your way to clean up your area and obey all MIT rules and regulations.