NSSC prelim/ finals @ MIT

Jun 15, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Jun 17, 2018 (03:00 AM)
May, 3 2018
June 18, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
Coaches,Junior 1,Junior 2,Junior 3,Junior Olympic,Senior,Senior 2,Varsity (Andover)


North Shore Swim Club

12/Under Timed Final,

13 & Over Prelim & Final

MIT Competition Pool at Zesiger Center,

Cambridge MA 02139

June 15-17, 2018


Updated warm up and timeline


North Shore Swim Club

13 & Over Prelim/Finals & 9-12 Specialty Meet

June 15-17, 2018

 Thank you for your entry to the North Shore Swim Club 13 & Over Prelim/Finals & Age 9-12 Specialty Meet at MIT.  Listed below is some important information pertaining to the meet.

Timers Needed:

To run chase starts and allow for all swims, we are asking for help with timers from the participating teams in the meet. We have put together a team timing help schedule and will be based on # of splashes in the session. Timers will be invited down to the pool deck 30 minutes prior to the start of the session for the timers meeting. Teams must provide their own timers for only events 9 & 10 400 IM on Friday. We appreciate your help and thank you in advance, if there are any issues finding volunteers to fill the schedule please contact me well in advance of the start of the meet.

HEATS AT FINALS for age 13 & 14 / 15 & Over: will be a Consolation & Final of 8 swimmers each for both age groups. Both 13-14 Heats and 15& Over consolation heat will be announced in the water, 15 & Over final heat will be announced behind the blocks. There is no parading to the blocks for finals, please have your athletes behind the blocks and ready to go for their event.  

 TIME UPDATES – we will accept time updates through Thursday, June 14, 2018 by 9:00 PM.

 PRE MEET SCRATCHES- if you have anyone that will not be attending the meet, please e-mail Dan Warner at NSSC1@aol.com with those scratches prior 9:00 PM Thursday, June 14, 2018

 ENTRANCE - 2nd floor via north gallery spiral staircase.

 ATHLETES/COACHES AND OFFICIALS – Coaches 30 minutes prior to the start of warm ups and Participants in the session will be allowed on deck 15 minutes before the first scheduled warm up.

 SPECTATORS: will be invited to enter the spectator gallery at the start of warm ups.  

 ONLINE POSTING- at the website www.northshoreswimclub.com is the warm up schedule, team timing schedule, psyche Sheet and other pertinent information. Please direct all your swimmers and families to this site for all the meet results and information.

 ELECTRONIC RESULTS: Live Results (on NSSC website) & Meet mobile results will be functional for this meet for all owners of the App. All users should be aware that Meet Mobile publishes unverified raw data which cannot be relied upon until the official results have been published and posted in the facility.

 OFFICIALS- anyone interested in officiating contact the meet referee thru Dan Warner at nssc1@aol.com .   

 CHASE STARTS: will be used on Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday morning sessions. There will be NO chase starts on Saturday & Sunday afternoon sessions and these events will start from the spectator end only.

WARM UP/DOWN POOL: will be available at the start of each session for 13 & Over Swimmers only and is not available during warm ups. Space in the pool is limited so please supervise your swimmers.

                                                                                                     SCRATCHES:Scratch sheets for eachsession must be turned into the timing table by the start of the second warm upof each Prelim session. For finals session 9-10 or 11-12 age groups scratchsheet must be turned in after 20 minutes into warm ups at the timing table.

 ADVANCE SCRATCHES: Any swimmer or events that you know are not going to be at the meet, please e-mail (NSSC1@aol.com) with those scratches up till 9 pm Thursday evening July 27 2017. All other scratches can be done at the meet with the scratch sheets for each session.

 RESULTS:  We will be posting all results as soon as the session is completed and the finals are finalized prior to the next morning session. Live Results will be available on the meet page and also meet mobile.

Preliminary Heats:  Any individual that does not swim in an event during preliminaries for which he/she was not scratched or otherwise excused from participating by the Referee will be disqualified from that event.  THERE IS NO FURTHER PENALTY.

Finals Heats:  Any individual that does not swim in a Consolation or finals heat for which he/she has qualified, and did not scratch from this event during the 30 minute scratch period after the reading of the preliminary results, WILL BE BARRED FROM FURTHER COMPETITION FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE MEET, INCLUDING TIME TRIALS, unless the athlete has been excused by the Referee.

 FINALS PENALTY: On Sunday, any team whose swimmer competes in an individual heat and qualifies for Finals and fails to notify the clerk of course of his/her intention to withdraw from the finals within 30 minutes of the posting of the results and qualifiers for that event, and does not compete nor is excused by the meet referee, will be fined $100. The meet referee may waive the fine, if based on his judgment, the swimmer was ill or the reason for missing the final was beyond the control of the swimmer.