2018 Girls JO's

July 26, 2018 (07:00 AM) - July 29, 2018 (04:00 AM)
April 30, 2018


We are combining with Olympus Water Polo (UT).  Info on hotel, other costs on attached filer.  $100 deposit due 5/7/18.

  •  I filled out the "I'm Interested" form on the website. Do I still need to register my athlete?

    Yes, even if you filled out the "Interested" form over the past month or two, we still need you to fill out the online Registration sent out Friday/Saturday. Remember, the deadline for registration is Monday, May 7 (but the sooner I get registrations, the sooner I can let everyone know who is on their respective teams and we can get a GroupMe chat setup :-) ).
    Registration Link:
  • How are most athletes traveling to California?

    I have only talked with a few parents but it sounds like there are some driving and some flying. If your athlete is flying alone, connect with me so we can check flight schedules to ensure pick-up.
  • Are there carpool opportunities from your home town to California?

    I'm sure there will be seats in cars available. I'm happy to connect people if you want to let me know if you're driving and have available seat belts for athletes looking for a ride. We use a great carpool app and I will set up the carpools that will be available on the website tournament page. Also, GroupMe will be a great way to connect up once I have rosters.
  • Are there other parents who are interested in sharing a room?

    I'm sure there will be parents interested in sharing a room at the team hotel or other close-by hotels. I'm happy to connect people if you want to let me know you're looking for a roommate. Also, once we have a GroupMe chat, you'll be able to connect up that way.


Heidi Hall 

Olympus Team Coordinator