AWAY Meet vs Swim Marin Sharks

Jun 16, 2018 (07:00 AM) - Jun 16, 2018 (01:00 PM)
June 12, 2018


Swimarin is excited to host the Scott Valley Sea Serpents on June 16. 

Here are a few details that will make your visit to the Swimarin Sharks more enjoyable:

    •  8:25 am:  Introduction to the meet and singing of the National Anthem
    •  8:30 am: Swim meet starts
    • Please park in the main parking lot of San Rafael High School on 3rd Street, San Rafael (opposite Trader Joe’s).  This is a large parking lot and rarely overflows. 
    • Additional parking is available on Third Street adjacent to the main parking lot.
    • Parents and swimmers are required to walk through the school campus to Mission Avenue, then east (right) along-side of the main gym to reach the pool at the northeast end of the school complex.
    • Parking restrictions do apply around the school perimeter and are strictly enforced by the City of San Rafael.  They have recently been ticketing for parking in red zones and other designated non-parking zones.
    • Please do NOT stop and drop off swimmers in/at the red zone outside the San Rafael High School Gymnasium on Mission Avenue.  Swimarin has worked with the local residents to address concerns about this practice.  It does cause significant local traffic congestion and is a danger to other motorists and pedestrians.  Please assist us in maintaining good community relations with the local residents by dropping kids off in the designated parking lots.  Thank you.
    • 6 lane pool configuration
    • Starting blocks in the deep end of the pool
    • Fly over starts for all heats will be used at this meet, except for 8&U events.
    • 8&U start at the shallow end of the pool
    • Swimarin warm-up starts at 7:30 am (20 minutes duration)
    • Visitors warm-up starts at 8:00 am (20 minutes duration)
  • TIMERS:   
    • Please have the Scott Valley Head Timer check in with the following on Saturday (before 8:20 am)
      • SM Volunteer Coordinators:  Lucy Dawson, Leslie Capinpin and Nicole Cibellis
      • SM Head Timer:  David Snaith                      
    • Each Head Timer is responsible for coordinating their teams' volunteers.
    • All Timers to be ready to time and be behind starting blocks by 8:20AM. 
    • Home Team will have 2 timers in lane 1,3,5 and a single timer in 2,4,6.
    • Visiting Team will have 2 timers in lanes 2,4,6, and a single timer in lanes 1,3,5.
    • Swimarin reserves the right to consolidate heats as needed.  The meet referee will make an announcement if this time saving action is to occur.
    • Please have the Scott Valley Stroke and Turn judges check in with Volunteer Coordinators Lucy Dawson, Leslie Capinpin or Nicole Cibellis by 8:10 am.
    • Meet Referee is Michele Dugan.
    • Our head coach is Jeremy Engman.  Assistant Coaches are Marlon Woolf and James Thomas.
    • Please advise all coaches and swimmers:  During swim meets, each swimmer is expected to be ready to swim when his or heat is called.  If a swimmer misses his or her heat, we will try to place the swimmer in a later heat.  However, the tardy swimmer will be disqualified and, if allowed to swim in a later heat, it will be an exhibition swim only. Additional heats will not be added to the program due to a swimmer’s inability to attend the starting area on time.
    • Swimarin highly recommends that each team has a parent(s) volunteer who is responsible for their 8&U swimmer line up. 
    • The start location (deep-end) is a very small area.  No parents are permitted in this area of the pool deck during the swim meet. 
    • As you’ll recall from years past, we have limited deck space for seating.  However, the Scott Valley should feel free to set up in the bleachers, on the adjacent black top basketball courts, and under the awnings adjacent to the pool deck.  If you would like to put up tents over the bleachers (please secure the tents due to frequent wind gusts!), please do so on Saturday morning.  
    • Swimarin has a great snack bar that starts serving coffee, donuts and other great food at 8AM.  The breakfast burritos are amazing!

GO SHARKS (and Scott Valley!)!!


Evan Woolf and Scott Beeber

Co-Presidents - Swimarin 2018

email:     president@swimarin.org

Web:      www.swimarin.org