2018 GU KATY Senior Open Meet

May 19, 2018 (02:00 AM) - May 20, 2018 (02:00 AM)
May 4, 2018
May 20, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
Age Group 4 White,Senior Silver,Senior White (Rice University)


2018 GU KATY Senior Open Meet - 


Format: Timed Finals, Long Course Meters

Sessions: 13&O only - Sat AM, Sat PM, Sun AM

Groups: Seniors, 4 White with QT

Eligibility: 13-14's must have AA times to enter each event; 15&O's No Qualifying times

Location: University of Houston

Entry Deadline: May 4, 2018

Updated 5.25.18

UH is requiring that all participants (swimmers) fill out the attached Release & Indemnification Agreement in order to gain access to the swim meet. Athletes 17 years of age or yojnger must have thier Parent/Guardian fill the form out. These forms are due with our regular entry deadline and swimmers must have them on file with the host team in order to gain access to the pool deck. Please print and bring back a signed copy to Coach Jason by May 2nd.

  1. Swimmers will need a lanyard to get on-deck. They will need to check in with Coach Jason prior to the warm ups to gain access to the deck. 
  2. As a reminder - All people on deck (Coaches, Officials, Volunteers, Timers, etc.) must have completed your APT Training provided by University of Houston.   
  3. Please reminder your swimmers that there will be absolutely no food allowed on deck.  They will need to walk off deck, go to the lobby or locker rooms to eat.  This will be strictly enforced and if we have to tell them more than once we will notify the coach and then remove them from the meet if necessary.
  4. Parking is never free at University of Houston.  Both parking garages across from the Rec Center are pay by credit card only, so please reminder your membership not to park in the lots, but rather utilize the parking garages.
  5. The garage immediately in front of the entrance to the Recreation Center is closed due to renovations.  Please use the Garage that is located immediately to the right of the front door entrance to the Recreation center.
  6. The Pool area will not be open to swimmers until 7:00 am.  

Timing - Due to a recent UH policy all timers must go through a UH APT training course to gain access to the pool deck. Please read the following notes on how to receive the training. RICE is responsible for 2 timing chairs in one lane through out 3 sessions of the meet. If we do not have parents go through the training we will have to require our athletes to time through out the meet. Swimmers will not be able to leave the meet unti all timing sessions are filled by our athletes. 

  • The University of Houston has agreed to put on a Child Protection training tomorrow morning (Saturday, May 19) to certify volunteers for timing this weekend.  This will be for anyone, even if you have not turned in an ePOI form yet.  This will be held in the Rotunda Room at the Recreation Center (the one immediately inside the door) please arrive prior to 7:45 am as I will they will begin promptly at 7:45 am because it will take a minimum of one hour for the in person training. All individuals should not plan to be able to volunteer at the start of the meet at 9 am as the quiz will be hand graded, score must be 100%. If not, volunteers will need to take the quiz again. If you have completed an ePOI, please bring your cougarnet and PSID and they will link it to you online account as complete.