LONGHORN AQUATICS 11 & Over End of School Splash May 18-20, 2018

May 19, 2018 (11:00 AM) - May 20, 2018 (02:00 PM)
April, 30 2018


LONGHORN AQUATICS 11 & Over End of School Splash May 18-20, 2018 

Meet Dates:
May 18-20, 2018

April 30th 2018

Note: Our club will not be sending a coach to the Friday afternoon session. Please refrain from attending this session.

Qualifying Times: 
NT's will not be accepted. There are "B" qualifying times-SCY OR LCM- for all 200 meter events.
There are "B" qualifying times-SCY OR LCM- for all 200 meter events.  The qualifying times are from USA Swimming's 2017-2020 National Age Group Motivational Times. The age groups are based on 10&U, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17-18+. Athletes who do not finish an event within the qualifying time will be required to prove their entry time.  The entry time must be in the USA Swimming database.  Swimmers that cannot prove their entry time will be fined $50 payable to the University of Texas. These swimmers will be barred from competition (at this and/or subsequent meets at the swim center) until the fines are paid.

Entry Fees: 
$9.50 per event. A $2.00 per swimmer facility surcharge will be charged.

Age Restrictions: 
Athletes 10 years of age and younger are not permitted to swim in this meet. 11-12's are only permitted in the AM sessions, with the exception of Friday. 13 & overs are only permitted in the PM sessions. 

1900 Red River Street, Austin TX 78712


Saturday and Sunday the meet will be split into morning and afternoon sessions based on age. The morning sessions each day are planned for swimmers 11-12 and the afternoon sessions for swimmers 13 & over. However, we reserve the right to split the sessions differently or to combine sessions based on the entries received. Warm-ups may be split if a large number of swimmers enter the meet. The diving well may be available throughout the meet for continuous warm-up and cool-down.

11-12 - Warmup: 9:00am - Meet: 10:00am
13&over - **

11-12 - Warmup: 8:00am - Meet: 9:00am
13&over - **

** The warm-up for the afternoon session will begin immediately after the morning session. The estimated time will be posted on the Longhorn Aquatics' website no later than May 18.

Meet Format: 
All events will be mixed gender events and the seeding will be based solely on time and not gender. There will be no lane separation between genders. All events will be timed finals swum fastest-to-slowest. Depending upon the size of the meet, events may start from one end of the pool. If there are enough swimmers to run both ends
of the pool, chase starts and/or flyover starts may be used. The even heats will finish at the Flag end of the pool and odd heats will finish at the Non-Flag end of the pool. All 50’s will start at the Non-Flag end of the pool. The Meet Administration reserve the right to modify the operations of the meet, depending upon the number of entries. This decision will be communicated in the coaches meeting. We reserve the right to cap the number of swimmers entered in order to stay within the four hour rule. Friday evening, we will cap the meet at 3 hours.

Swimmers may enter a maximum of 3 individual events per day and a maximum of 7 events for the meet. The age of the swimmer will be his/her age on May 18, 2018. Enter all events with previous best times achieved in short course yards.

Entry Fees: 
$9.50 per individual event. A $2.00 per swimmer facility surcharge will be charged. This includes the South Texas Swimming splash fee of $1.25 per splash. Please send only one check per team location. Refunds will not be given for any reason.