Annual Cuda Water World Day

Jun 4, 2018 (01:00 AM)
May 30, 2018


Who: All Cudas and their families and friends!

What: 2018 Cuda Water World Day

When: Monday, June 4 10am until...

Water World
8801 Pecos St
Federal Heights, CO 80260

Cuda coaches may be present at the park, but will not be supervising swimmers. Please make arrangements ahead of time with another family if you are uncomfortable with your swimmer being unsupervised. Coaches will NOT be responsible for the supervision of swimmers.

Cost, Sign-up and Dealine:
Group tickets will be $29.99 if we have 1-49 sign-ups, $28.99 if we have over 49. Help us safe that dollar!

Please commit your athlete and list in the comments how many total tickets you need by May 30th. Your account will be charged the total of tickets you request. You are welcomed to attend if you miss the deadline, but will have to pay the box office rate.

Tickets will be distributed the day-off event between 10am-10:45am in front of the park.