Sleepy Hollow Sea Lions @ Lucas Valley Lightning!

Jun 2, 2018 (08:30 AM) - Jun 2, 2018 (02:00 PM)
June, 2 2018


The Lightning welcomes Sleepy Hollow Sea Lions to Lucas Valley!

The meet starts at 8:30 am and your warm-ups will be at 8:00 am.

We are located at 1201 Idylberry Road, San Rafael. Our team has a small parking lot, which is usually full by 7:30. Most of the parking is on the street. Dixie Elementary School is ½ block to the east on Idylberry.

We will save the grassy area by the flag pole for your team.

Our Head Timer is Eric Hellar, please have your timers check in with him at 8:00 by the starter tent. We use the Dolphin Timing System which is a bit different from stopwatch timing so all of your Timers need to attend the Timing Meeting at 8:00. We have 6 lanes.

Please have your 8 and Under Line Up Volunteers stay at their lane until all of the 8 and Unders have swum the event even if there are swimmers left from our team. We will do the same for your 8 and Under swimmers. Note that 8 and Unders start on the blocks for their races. However, 8 and Under relays in positions 2 and 4 start in the shallow end of the water.

The Lightning Head Coaches are Mike Merrell and Lynn Lathouwers.

We have an excellent snack bar, if I do say so myself. Please encourage your team to visit it for meals and refreshments.

The Lightning is looking forward to a fun meet! We will have the coffee ready for you! Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.
Liz Brown
Lucas Valley Lightning President