Long Course Bill Rose JO Champs

Jul 19, 2018 - Jul 22, 2018
July 13, 2018
August 1, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


This is the team summer championship in Roseville.  Congratulations to all of the swimmers who are attending....swim fast!!!

Championship caps will be distributed at the meet.  Shirts are available at the College pool.

JO Info for Swimmers

The meet will begin at 9:00 am each day (prelims.)

Warmups for SASO will be 7:30 am for 13 and olders and 8:00 am for 12 and unders.

Swimmers who wish to arrive later based on timeline should talk to their group coach.


The start time of finals will announced each day at the meet.  Swimmers who make finals should arrive 1 hour prior to the start of finals.  All swimmers who make finals should plan to swim (this is a team scored meet.)


Relays are posted on the event page.   Please confirm ASAP if you cannot attend.  Please note that not being able to attend may result in our team having to scratch a relay at a team scored meet.

Thursday-relay only swimmers arrive by 11:00 am.

Friday-relay only swimmers arrive by 11:00 am.

Saturday-medley relay only swimmers arrive for am warmup.  800 Free relay only swimmers arrive by 1:00.

Sunday-200 free relay only swimmers arrive for am warmup.  800 Free relay only swimmer arrive by 11:30. 







Each family must sign up for a timing shift EACH DAY you have a swimmer in the meet.

There are some long days. If you have an event towards the end of the meet, please take a later timing session

If you are attending with a relay only swimmer, you are exempt from timing on that day.


Team Tent

The coaches would like to provide three tents for the swimmers. If you bring a tent you will earn one leadership point and be exempt from timing Friday through Sunday. YOU MUST TIME ON THURSDAY!

The tent must be set up by 7am on Thursday morning. You may break it down after Session 7 on Sunday. You may pick up the tent from Coach Ricky any day this week.



Thank you all for signing up in advance. We are officially covered.

If you are officiating at the meet you are not required to take any timing shifts.



If your swimmer finals you will need to time or officiate during finals.


Timing Coordinator

Timing Coordinator for the meet is Mylee Do.