Age Group Seattle Open; Colman Pool, Seattle

Jul 20, 2018 - Jul 21, 2018
May 25, 2018
July 10, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Age Group Seattle Open


Meet Location & Date

Colman Pool - Lincoln Park

Friday-Saturday, July 20-21



Arrival Times


Session 1 (12 & Younger) 7:40am*

Session 2 (13 & Older) 12:45pm*



Session 3 (12 & Younger) 7:40am*

Session 4 (13 & Older) 12:35pm*


* Positive Check-In Deadlines

Friday, Session 1: 8:30am

Friday, Session 2: 30 minutes after start of warm-up

Saturday, Session 3: 8:30am

Saturday, Session 4: 30 minutes after the start of warm-up

The Arrival Times above get you to the meet in plenty of time to check in.



Location and Directions

Colman Pool - Lincoln Park

8603 Fauntleroy Way SW

Seattle, Washington

206 684 7494

Directions from I-5 or Highway 99:

Take the West Seattle Bridge to Alaska Way and Fauntleroy. Follow Fauntleroy to Lincoln Park (on right). Head west to the water through the park to the beach.



What to Wear

Friday- Classic Black Team T-Shirt, Team Suit, Purple Team Cap

Saturday- White Team T-Shirt, Team Suit, Purple Team Cap



Where to Sit/What to Bring

Wear your team shirts to help identify one another and try your best to sit together.

Things to bring:

>Yoga mats or chairs to sit on

>Cards and games to play with your teammates

>The correct team gear so you look like part of the team

>Healthy foods that you know you like, water to drink

>Sunscreen, sun hats, warm clothes, cool clothes, sun shelter, lots of towels; this is an outdoor meet, so be prepared for any weather. It may be 90 degrees in the parking lot, and 65 degrees at the pool because you are on the water. Sun burned or shivering make it hard to swim fast, so protect yourself from the elements and come prepared.



Notes for the meet:

50M events: All 50M events will be pre-seeded, with no penalty for a swimmer who fails to show.


100M -400M events: All 200M and 400M events will be deck-seeded, requiring a positive check-in by the announced deadline in order to swim. A swimmer who fails to check in will be scratched without penalty. A swimmer who checks in but fails to swim will be disqualified from his/her next individual event. Swimmers must provide their own timers for all 400 IM and 400 Free events.