Mudrat Open House

May 20, 2018 (05:00 PM) - May 20, 2018 (07:00 PM)
May, 20 2018


Mudrat Open House from 3-5pm at the Alfred Rubin Recreation Center on Jackson (Room tbd)

At the Open House you learn more about the website, purchase spiritwear, ask questions about jobs, talk to coaches, and much more.....

Helpful notes:
May 20th-Mudrat Open House

From May 1st you may register your swimmers on the Mudrats website by signing up and signing waivers online

We are unable to run this team without all the parents involvment! We will require each family to sign up for volunteer jobs during the season before swimmers can sign up for any meets. If you fail to complete the jobs you volunteered for then you will incur a monetary penalty.

Watch out for emails containing more details in the coming days.

     1- At Open House you learn more about the website, and can complete website registration if you haven't already done so. Registration is required to turn your website family account on. You can only register if you have completed Park District Registration first.
     2- Once your registration is approved your family account will be turned on and you will receive an email telling you how to log on. Registrations will not be approved before Tuesday after the Open House.

     3- When you receive the log in email, you can log in and sign up for the required volunteer jobs.  Parent Participation will be checking regularly to see who has signed up for their jobs.  Once they see that you have signed up for your jobs they will turn your name over to the website (please note that this is NOT automatic...this is a manual process and takes time...give the group a day or two before you contact them)

If you have not seen your name and it has been over 2 days since you have signed up for your jobs, email

     4- After it is verified that you have signed up for your jobs, your swimmer account will be turned on.  At this time you can sign up for swim meets.  Please note that swim meets require to sign in or out of each meet and once the meet is closed you cannot sign attention to close dates...The first close date will be for Time Trials - these are early this year so don't delay. There are always those who don't sign up for jobs before the Time Trials registration close date. We hate saying no to parents of swimmers who want to swim, but we have to be fair to the coaches and other volunteers who organize these events and need the names of swimmers one week in advance!!!!

Problems logging in?  Confused? Have more questions? Contact

Sometimes it can be overwhelming.! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email someone for help. Can't wait for the summer!  See you soon!

Going to miss Open House?  It is so much easier for the system if you come to Open House.  We do understand that sometimes there are other engagements that take priority.  If you are unable to attend Open House, you need to make sure that you have completed the website registration to have the family accounts activated. Remember that accounts will only be approved and activated after the Open House!