2018 LCM Team Fundraiser

June 2, 2018
May 28, 2018


SSYS Distance Swim Fundraiser

Saturday 6/2/2018 6:45-10am

Lincoln Hancock Pool


We will be hosting our LCM fundraiser.  Our first Annual Distance Swim Event.  This year we will be crossing the English Channel.  It is Just over 21 miles or 39,650 yards.  We will dividing the team into 6 groups to work our way through the 21 miles.

All proceeds will go to the SSYMCA Strypers and the SSYMCA Change a Life Fund.


How it works:

We are asking each swimmer to ask friends, family, neighbors, teachers, etc. to sponsor them across the Channel.  Swimmers should record the donation on the attached sponsor sheet and collect the money.  All sponsor sheets and money should be collected and brought to the fundraiser on 6/2.  Any checks should be made out to SSYMCA with the swimmer’s name and fundraiser in the subject line.  We are asking that each family with one swimmer obtain $100 in sponsors, those families with 2 swimmers $125 and those with 3 or more $150.

For every $25 a swimmers raises he/she will earn raffle tickets for great prizes to be awarded at the Fundraiser.

The Group that gets across the channel first will also get a prize.

There will be light snacks and water/Gatorade for swimmers while taking on this distance swim.

Coaches will be participating as well.

Lots of fun and team building will take placeJ


This is a mandatory practice and event for all groups.