Club ByLaws DUE

June 1, 2018 (08:00 AM)
June 1, 2018
Awards & Records,Bookkeeper,Club Manager/Director,Division Rep,League Officer,Parent Rep (Edgebrook,Kingsgate Gators,Kingsgate Royals,Maple Hills,Mercer Island Country Club,Overlake,Snoqualmie Ridge,Woodridge)



Please email a PDF copy of your club's Bylaws by June 1st, so we can confirm receipt, to:

A few points:

  1. These will be treated as the confidential legal documents you are entrusting to the League and will be stored in a secure Dropbox folder. 
  • Access is limited only to those few League representatives who may need it and will be transferred to new representatives in the future.
  • Documents will not be retained in email or on personal computers.
  1. Please name the files using your Midlakes club acronym, for example:  "SAM - ByLaws - 2018" or "RHST - ByLaws - 2018"
  • If you've already sent them, don't worry about it - we'll take care of it - consistent nomenclature just helps as we build a sustainable Dropbox platform. 
  1. Please ensure the version you send the League matches what is available to your members, often via internal website.

Thank you!