Area 1 Long Course Developmental Champs @ Boca Raton (LCM)

July 13, 2018 - July 15, 2018
July 4, 2018


Area 1 Friday Heat Sheets

Area 1 Saturday Heat Sheets

Area 1 Sunday Heat Sheets

Timeline for the meet - UPDATED

Psych sheet for the meet - UPDATED

Jupiter Dragons Swim Team entries

Swimmers MUST NOT have achieved Jr. Olympic Qualifying Times or FGC Sr. Champs times for this competition!

In order to enter the meet you will need to set up Auto-Pay. 

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Location:   Boca Raton High School Aquatic Center 1501 NW 15th Court Boca Raton FL 33486
Directions:  From I-95 or Turnpike exit onto Glades Road. Head east on Glades Road then turn south on to 15th Court the High School is on right use first or second entrance. Pool is located next to Stadium and track. Dates & Time:
Session I Finals-LCM Fri July 13 Warm-up – 4:00PM Start – 5:00PM
Session II Prelims-LCM Sat July 14 Warm-up – 7:30AM Start – 8:30AM
Session III Finals-LCM Sat July 14 Warm-up – 4:00PM Start – 5:00PM
Session IV Prelims-LCM Sun July 15 Warm-up – 7:30AM Start – 8:30AM
Session V Finals-LCM Sun July 15 Warm-up – 3:00PM Start – 4:00PM

Format: These championships will be conducted in LCM. Events 200M and longer and all relays will be timed final events. All other individual events will be conducted as preliminaries and finals with the fastest 8 swimmers from preliminaries advancing to finals for the following age groups: 11-12;13-14;15-18. Breaks between events in finals sessions may be inserted at Meet Director and Meet Referee discretion.

Eligibility:     ª Open to 7-18 year old 2018 USA Swimming FGC registered athletes in AREA 1 ( BMSC, BKSC, BRST, ECAC, FAST, JDST, LLL, MART, NPB, PAQ, PCS, POMP, SAS, WOW, YSPB) ª 7-14 year old swimmers must not have achieved an FGC Junior Olympic time and 15-18 year old swimmers must not have achieved a Senior Championship qualifying time in the event in which he/she is entered in. ª Qualifying period is July 13, 2016 through the entry deadline

Entry Deadline: For Jupiter Dragons swimmers is Wednesday – July 4, 2018 DECK ENTRIES will not be permitted

Entry Fees: $6.00 per Individual event entry  

                     $10.00 per Relay event entry 

                     $10.00 per swimmer surcharge

Seeding: All events will be seeded in order of LCM then SCM then SCY and will be seeded fast to slow. Timed final events and all preliminary heats will be swum with all age groups combined but will be resulted separately. Seven lanes may be used in the preliminary sessions. Chase starts may be used at Meet Director and Meet Referee discretion.
Distance Events: Friday evening’s 400 freestyle and 400 IM will be seeded fast to slow, alternating heats of women, then men. Positive check-in is NOT required. 200 of strokes will be swum in the AM sessions ONLY as timed finals and will be combined and scored separately.  
1500 free will be combined and scored separately. This event will be swum fastest to slowest – alternating girls/boys in prelims session only. Positive check in for 1500 ends at 8:15am Sunday, July 15, 2018

Entry Limit: No more than three (3) individual events per day (unlimited relays

Finals: A single Championship Final for will be swum as prelim/ final events. All 7-10 year old events will be swum as timed final events during the prelim session. Finals will consist of one heat of girls and one heat of boys (Top 8 swimmers) for the 11 12, 1314 and 15-18 age groups. All 7-10 year old events will be swum as timed final events during the prelim session. Any swimmer who competes in preliminary heats and qualifies for the finals; must declare his/her possible intention to scratch within thirty (30) minutes of the announcement or posting of the preliminary results of that event and further declare their final intention within 30 minutes of their last individual preliminary event. Scratches will be declared by drawing a single line and initialing on the preliminary results maintained at the announcers table.    NOTE: “Failure to swim” in finals will result in the swimmer being fined $25.00 cash. Upon receiving payment of the fine, the swimmer will be eligible to continue competing in the meet. Swimmers may not compete in further individual events or relays until all fines are paid.  I. Alternates wishing to swim in an open lane in finals must be standing at the starter’s tent, prepared to step on the block for the swim when the swimmers are called to the blocks. The Referee will instruct the Announcer to call the alternates.  
 II. Scratches must be done individually; “team scratches are not accepted.”  
 III. In addition to swimmers required to scratch if they are not going to swim finals, all swimmers who do not plan to swim finals are strongly urged to scratch, especially swimmers who finish the preliminary events 9th – 20th.    
 IV. Swimmers scratched into the finals after 30 minutes of the conclusion of prelims will not be penalized.     
Awards:  Individual Events: Medals 1st - 3rd and Ribbons 4th – 8th      Relays Events:  Ribbons 1st – 3rd

Admission:  $5.00 per person per session. Heat Sheets - online

Officials:  If you know that you will be attending this meet and will be available, please email the meet referee, Tom Ward (, and let him know your level of certification and team. This is for pre-meet planning purposes only. All officials are welcome to work. Check in at the Starter's tent 60 minutes before the start of the session.