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OCSC Regional Finals

Jul 28, 2018 (07:00 AM) - Jul 28, 2018 (01:00 PM)
July, 17 2018
Rocket Fish General (RF A Group,RF B Group,RF C Group)



Due Date:  Monday Night 7/16 or Tuesday 7/17 by Noon!

Date:  7.28.18  (Saturday)

Time:  7:00 to 7:30 Arrival & Check In, Parents Meeting, Warm-up, Meet starts at 9:00am - finished by 1pm

Location:  Valencia High School, City of Placentia, 500 North Bradford Ave., Placentia, CA

Who:  We have qualified 37 Rocket Fish Swimmers!  We'd like to see as many of those swimmers as possible! This is an exciting meet and we will have as many relays as possible!  

Events:  Please choose 2 events.  We are allowed to enter swimmers into two individual events and two relays or three individual events and one relay or three individual events and no relays.  Your swimmer will for sure get their top choice for one event.  Coach Hank reserves the right to place your swimmer in the other event however usually it works out that the swimmer's top two choices are already the ones Coach Hank would choose.

Qualifiers for this meet:   In order to participate, swimmers must have swam in either the OCSC Invitational on June 30th or the OCSC Pentathlon on July 14th.  37 of our swimmers have qualified!

OCSC Championships:  This is the preliminary meet to the OCSC Championships on Monday, July 30th. The top finishers at this event will have the opportunity to swim at OCSC Champs.

Again pick your top two events.  You cannot choose relays.  That will be built as per speed, gender, age group and team needs.  Let's GO FOR IT!

Many thanks!