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Luau & Talent Show

Jul 20, 2018 (05:30 PM) - Jul 20, 2018 (08:30 PM)
July, 20 2018
Rocket Fish General


LUAU EPIC SUMMER 2018:  Our Luau, Recognition and Talent Show on Friday 7/20 is a highlight moment of EPIC Summer 2018 and we need you guys there!

  • Cost: Plate dinners are served at $10 per plate and will include
  • Plate:  Teriyaki Chicken, Sticky Rice, Green Salad, Fruit Salad, Hawaiian Roll, small dessert!
  • RSVP:  When you RSVP please include how many plates for your family (RSVP Example:  4 Plates Please - Thank You!)
  • Sharers & Non-Easters Okay: Non-eaters or shared plates are okay too, but why not eat yummy luau food?
  • Cash Only:  Pay cash on the night of the event and we will have your dinner tickets all ready for you based on your RSVP.
  • Talent Show: Get your kids to come up with a cool skit, dance, joke, campy fun is great!
  • Just Come:  We need you and your family to come to the event to make it special for everyone!
  • Attire & Bring: Dress in Aloha / Hawaiian Gear and b.y.o. beach chairs, beach blanket and flash light and beach bag to put any extra jackets or gear into.
  • Don’t Miss it:  You really don’t want to miss this!
  • Where do I RSVP?:  RSVP on the home page of our site!  Again, don’t forget to include how many plates of dinner you would like for your family!  Thanks!
  • Please prepare your skit early so that the kids can practice it leading up to the event!  Sign up for skits will be on a clipboard at the pool and at the event!


C Group Dance:  will be practicing during stretching and performing a dance routine to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake with Choreography by Go Noodle.  Hit this link or Google “Can’t Stop the Feeling + Trolls + Go Noodle” or copy and paste into your browser.


B Group Song: will be practicing during stretching and performing a Fruit Medley Song!  To find out more bring your B grouper to practice and have them with cap and goggles on their head and ready to participate!  This Fruit Medley Song is a recent inspiration that happened at BALFs the other day when lots of real fruit washed up at Seal Beach Pier during our boogie board session!  The songs are well-known kid songs mashed up with banana phones, jokes and good times!