3rd Dual Meet @ Larchmont

June 23, 2018 (06:30 AM) - June 23, 2018 (11:30 AM)
June 19, 2018
June 21, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Seahawks and Seahawk Parents:

We are getting close to having our 1st home meet of the 2018 season, and as you can tell, the activity level is increasing in intensity.  This meet is different for us as Larchmont does not have a home pool. This year we will be the Home Team for the meet while they will be the Away Team for scoring.  We will use the same side of the pool that we normally do. 

Here are a few notes as we get ready for Saturday Morning:

  • Setup:  We will setup the pool deck beginning between 5:30 and 6:00PM on Friday Evening, June 9.  Please turn out to help.  We need to rearrange the deck furniture, set up and wire the timing system, and setup the concession area.  This can be done quickly with a group of volunteers, but cannot be done alone by one or two people. 
  • Teardown:  After the meet, Saturday morning, we have to tear down the equipment from the meet and rearrange the deck furniture so the pool is ready for business on Saturday Morning.  This will go quickly if we all pitch in to make it happen!
  • Pop Up Tents:  We have a limited number of pop up tents and do not have enough for our requirements in the heat or of it is rainy.  If you have a pop up tent, please consider bringing it so that we can use it.  We have to cover the scoring table, clerk of course area and snack bar/concessions.  Any additional shade would be appreciated because although the weather forecast looks great - the weather can change. You may also bring your own fold out chairs as many will be used for the swimmers behind the blocks.
  • Concessions:  Concessions is being run by the board.  We will need assistance getting the drinks iced down and getting set up.  We also have to man the booth for the entire meet on a rotational basis so that everyone gets a chance to see their child swim.  Please talk to any Board Member about what is needed to support the meet.
  • Officials:  Stroke and Turn and Timers.  We are the Host Team for this meet and need more officials than an Away meet. The Larchmont Team does not have a home pool.  They will be filling the positions as much as possible, but we need to step up and fill all of the positions we would normally required to fill in with during the meet and possibly more.  We still need volunteers for all positions.  The meet will not run without all positions filled.
  • Inclement Weather:  Unless we have a huge storm, the meet will go as scheduled.  We will delay the meet if there is thunder and lightning in the area, or if it is raining so hard that officials cannot see the bottom of the pool.  Both are for the safety of all.  Please watch your e-mail if you are in doubt.  If there is no update, assume that the meet is going on schedule.

Please check in with the coaches at 6:45am on Satruday morning.  We have our warm up starting at 7:15am.  Timers and stoke and turn officials also have a meeting at 7:30.

Go Seahawks,

Steve Jones

GCC Seahawks Team Representative