1st Dual Meet vs Timberlake @ home now

Jun 9, 2018 (10:00 AM) - Jun 9, 2018 (02:30 PM)
June, 7 2018
June 7, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Seahawks and Seahawk Parents:

We are getting close to having our 1st meet of the 2018 season.  Please note the Meet will start at 7:45AM - the same as our previous years.  There are continuing renovations to Tomberlake's pool, so the meet has been moved to Greenbrier pool. Therefore, there are more jobs needing to be filled. Please be sure to check into the Job signup page for this meet. We are the first warmups.  As the Host Team, our warm up begins early at 7:15am. Our swimmers must check in with the coaches poolside by 7:00AM. We will be in the water until 7:30am.

Here are a few notes as we get ready for the first Meet:

Setup:  We will be sitting on the side of the pool with the wooden deck. Seating is limited and we need an area for our Zoo, which will be next to the baby pool (that gate will remain locked during the meet). So help keep some of the chairs available for the Zoo to sit swimmers as they get ready for their swims. Greenbrier CC Zoo will be next to their Deep end part. Parents are welcome to bring their own chairs to set up next to the far side of the pool to watch the meet and have a place for their swimmers to stay in or you may sit against the fence.

Parking:  We will be parking in the small pool parking lot with additional parking along the streets near the pool. We haven't had too many problems with parking, but we will not be parking in the main golf lot.  I would plan on a finish time of before noon, but hopefully we can keep things moving fast and get done by 11am.

Pop Up Tents:  We have a limited number of pop up tents that we are bringing. and do not have enough for our requirements in the heat or if it is rainy.  If you have a pop up tent, please consider bringing it so that we can use it. We have to cover the Zoo, if possible.  Any additional shade would be appreciated because although the weather forecast looks great - the weather can change.

Concessions:  Concessions are being run by the Host Team and we will need donatiins fro. Our team. Concessions will run on the hill next to GCC club house and parking lot.

Officials:  Stroke and Turn Judges and Timers.  Once again, we cannot run the meet without your support!  We have to have nine (9) Timers and three (3) Stroke and Turn Judges per half in order to run the meet per VBSL Guidelines.  We did not meet this requirement on Saturday Morning with Stroke and Turn Judges and I decided as Head Referee to accept the risk and go ahead with the meet.  We were able to get the correct number of timers!  Thank you!  Remember - this is all about the kids!  Please respond on the JOB SIGNUP tab for the meet so that we can get our coverage before we arrive on Saturday morning!  We still need volunteers for all positions.  The meet will not run without all positions filled. Timberlake sometimes has a difficult time getting their 9 timers and 3 officials per half. We may have to pull together to get things to run on time.

Inclement Weather:  Unless we have a huge storm, the meet will go as scheduled.  We will delay the meet if there is thunder and lightning in the area, or if it is raining so hard that officials cannot see the bottom of the pool.  Both are for the safety of all.  Please watch your e-mail if you are in doubt.  If there is no update, assume that the meet is going on schedule.

Please check in with the coaches at 7:00am on Saturday morning.  We have our warm up starting at 7:30am.  Timers and stoke and turn officials also have a meeting at 7:30am.

Go Seahawks,

The Seahawk Board