4th Dual Meet vs. Indian Lakes @ Honey Bee

Jun 29, 2018 (08:00 PM) - Jun 30, 2018 (12:30 AM)
June, 27 2018
June 28, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Seahawks and Seahawk Parents:

We are getting close to our 3rd meet of the 2018 season, and Indian Lakes is the Home Team. The Meet will be held at HONEY BEE GOLF COURSE POOL, NOT AT GREENBRIER, AS NOTED EARLIER

The Facilities:  As this is a pool that is only allowed to be used by Summer League teams with restrictions, Parking is limited, and behavior is being monitored and access to some of the pool equipment is not allowed. All swimmers' behavior is going to be scrutinized by the facility.  There can be no running, climbing of fences, or any general horseplay at the facility--we have been warned several times.  

Also, and this probably goes without saying, but no pets, smoking, or alcohol on deck.  The Host team will have general dinner concessions available.  Because we've been asked by the league not to use the blocks, we'll start all races at the opposite/shallow end of the pool, but will allow diving as it is 4 feet deep. 

Parking for the meet:  By agreement with the Honey Bee Golf Course Owners, Parking is NOT ALLOWED in the main parking lot, even if it looks empty.

Parking is limited at the facility to the old tennis court, which holds about thirty spaces.  We are splitting these spaces evenly and we are giving parking passes for that lot to officials, zoo keepers and coaches.  No car will be allowed into the lot without a parking pass.  

Overflow parking is sent to Bellspring Road, which is about a 5-10 minute walk from the pool.  We can NOT park along S. Independence or in the Condo Associations along Independence.  We do apologize for the walk.  The host team has experimented with running a shuttle from Bellspring to the pool last week, and we may do so again--that discussion is ongoing.  Families may drop off swimmers and gear at the circle by the pool.  Our coaches will wait with the kids until their driver makes it to the pool. 
This is their first time with this parking system, so they are still working out how this will work efficiently.

Seating at the pool:  The visiting team (GCC/Us) will be at the side closest to the tennis court/parking area as you walk in. We have the bleachers as we walk in, but we would like to use part of the bleachers for our Zoo, to set swimmers getting ready to line up. The home team, (INDIAN LAKES) will be on the far side. You are welcome to bring your own chairs, there is very limited seating for parents on deck, but plenty of room, please bring your own foldup chairs. As it is a night meet, Pop Up Tents are not needed unless you feel you need it for your family. 

Concessions:  There will be a general dinner concessions on site.

Officials:  Stroke and Turn and Timers.  We still have open slots.  The meet will not run without all positions filled.

Inclement Weather:  Unless we have a huge storm, the meet will go as scheduled.  We will delay the meet if there is thunder and lightning in the area. Rain will not delay the meet as the pool has a roof/covering.

·       Please check in with the coaches at 5:00pm on Friday NightWe have our warm up starting at 5:30pm.  They plan on the officials and timers meeting at 5:45 and beginning the meet promptly at 6:00 .  There will be a guppy relay at half time, followed by an adult relay, as long as the weather and schedule is cooperating.  The aim is to finish the meet between 10:00  and 10:30 .

Go Seahawks,

The Seahawk Board