6th Dual Meet Cavalier YCC at Greenbrier CC

July 21, 2018 (07:30 AM) - July 21, 2018 (12:00 PM)
July 17, 2018
July 19, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Seahawks and Seahawk Parents:

We are getting close to hosting our 6th meet of the 2018 season, and as you can tell, the activity level is increasing in intensity.  Here are a few notes as we get ready for tomorrow:

·       We will have a team Pep Rally Wednesday (5:30)to get our pool decorated for the meet.  We will not be able to set up the pool as the pool will be open to membership all day Thursday prior to our meet. However, there will be activities for the swimmers and hopefully an opportunity to cool off.

·       Pop Up Tents:  We have a limited number of pop up tents and do not have enough for our requirements in the heat or of it is rainyIf you have a pop up tent, please consider bringing it Wednesday or Thursday morning so that we can use it.  We have to cover the scoring table, clerk of course area and snack bar/concessions.  Any additional shade would be appreciated.

·       Officials:  Go online to JOB SIGNUP tab for the meet to sign up for Stroke and Turn officials, Concessions and Timers.  We still have alot of open slots.  The meet will not run without all positions filled. EVeryone should assist with 3 meets this summer.  Your kids love to see you involved with something they are doing. It's fun AND makes the time go by faster.  Any who knows, you may begin to love it!!

·       Inclement Weather:  Unless we have a huge storm, the meet will go as scheduled.  We will delay the meet if there is thunder and lightning in the area, or if it is raining so hard that officials cannot see the bottom of the pool.  Both are for the safety of all.  Please watch your e-mail if you are in doubt.  If there is no update, assume that the meet is going on schedule.

·       Please check in with the coaches at 4:30lm on Thursday eveningWe have our warm up starting at 4:45pm.  Timers and stoke and turn officials also have a meeting at 5:15pm. 

Go Seahawks,

The Seahawk Board