Championship Meet

Jul 21, 2018 (08:00 AM) - Jul 21, 2018 (01:00 PM)
July, 13 2018
July 19, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Swim meet between all 8 teams in the league, held at Robert Livermore Pool, 4444 East Ave (see map)

Championships starts at 8:00 am (not 9:00 am). Swimmers need to check in at 7:00 am and warm-ups begin at 7:00 am. Some of the rules that LARPD has asked us to follow are:
1. No using the showers
2. No shaving in the bathrooms
3. Pop-ups are to be set up outside of the pool area in Sunset’s pre-assigned spot (see map).
4. There are bleachers to sit on. Personal chairs are not allowed poolside.
5. Chalking is not allowed
6. No Parking in the East Ave. parking lot or the to close to the Fire Department.
7.  Absolutely no one under 18 on the deck before 7:00 am.
8.  No setting up before 6:00 am and Sunset has a VERY SPECIFIC spot we can set up and nowhere else!
9.  The map bellow is slightly off, the sunset designated area is actually to the right of the red box we are between the fence and the path that looks like a hill.  If you set up in another team's area you will have to move. :(