WI Open Water State Championships

Jun 28, 2018 (02:00 AM)
June, 18 2018


Hello Express Families,

This is the second year that WI Swimming will be hosting a joint Open Water Championships with Illinois Swimming. The meet will again be held at Lake Andrea, in Pleasant Prairie, WI (adjacent to the RecPlex). Wisconsin and Illinois swimmers will race simultaneously, but will be scored separately. Swimmers will need to sign-up using this event. Entries will be submitted by Express as a team.

Host Team Website

Qualifying Time/Eligibility: Qualification times shall be the National “BB” time in the following:

• Open 3K: Minimum 15-16 “BB” Time in 400/500, 800/1000 or 1500/1650 Freestyle

• 13-14 3K: Minimum 13-14 “BB” Time in 400/500, 800/1000 or 1500/1650 Freestyle

• 11-12 2K: Minimum 11-12 “BB” Time in 200, 400/500, 800/1000, or 1500/1650 Freestyle

• 10&Under 1K: Minimum 10&Under “BB” Time in 200 or 400/500 Freestyle

Entry Fees: $25.00 per open water event $3.00 per swimmer Wisconsin Swimming Surcharge ($28 total)

I have attached WI Swimming sponsored practiced dates. These can be used to get acclimated to open water swimming and racing strategies prior to the day of competition.

If you have any questions regarding this meet, or eligibility, please do not hesitate to ask.