NSC Classic 2018 - NCHS PM

Jul 21, 2018 (02:00 AM)
July, 11 2018
July 15, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


To All Classic Meet Worker Coordinators and All NSC Reps,

We are staying consistent with City formats for this one.

Attached are your Classic Meet Worker Assignments. There are two spreadsheets attached:

  1. The first has the worker assignments by team. Scroll to your team tab for your assignments.

  2. The second is the spreadsheet you'll use to provide your worker names, etc for all your Classic meet volunteers (job sign-up sheet). Complete this spreadsheet and return it to us at by Saturday, July 14th.

Some important points:

  • There is an overlap between Events 22 and 24 for shadowing purposes. Session AM (1) cannot leave prior to Session AM (2), same for PM1 & 2.

  • Please be sure to use the 2nd attachment (sign up sheet) when sending us your worker names, etc. Do not use any other format .

  • Please be sure to provide experienced and qualified workers......timers that have timed, etc. We rely on you to provide good workers.

  • For bullpen and marshals, we need assertive people. For t-shirt sales, we need people that can handle the rush of the crowd. For awards, we need people with great attention to detail.

Please complete the Job Sign-Up spreadsheet (2nd attachment.) and return it to us by Saturday, July 14th. Please email the job sign up sheet to!!!