Irish Aquatics Summer Spectacular (Entries due Wed, May 23)

Jul 6, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Jul 8, 2018 (03:00 AM)
May, 23 2018


Location:  Rolfs Aquatic Center, University of Notre Dame

There are no qualifying times for this meet.  Please see the next page for the list of events.  All events are timed finals.  12 & Unders will swim Friday and Saturday morning.  13 & Overs will swim Friday and Saturday afternoon.  All ages will swim on Sunday morning.  There is a distance session on Friday and Saturday evening for all ages.

Friday & Saturday Morning (12 & Unders):  Warm-ups will begin at 7:00 am; meet will begin at 8:00 am

Friday & Saturday Afternoon (13 & Over):  Warm-ups will begin 15 minutes after the conclusion of the morning session.  Warm-ups will last 45 minutes; Meet will begin 60 minutes after the start of warmups.  Estimated afternoon start times will be posted on by June 29.

Friday & Saturday Distance Session (all ages):  There will be a 20 minute warm-up period immediately following the last event of the afternoon session.  The distance session will start immediately following the warm-ups.  Pre-scratch timeline will be posted on by June 29.

Sunday Morning (all ages):  Warm-ups will begin at 6:45 am; meet will begin at 8:00 am

Please see the document below for more information.