Texas City Makos @ Brooks Blue Marlins (Swimmer Declaration)

June 9, 2018
June 4, 2018


Declare your swimmers here. Let us know who will be swimming at this meet. You are replying yes or no for attending this meet. Events are entered by coaches.


Host team:  Brooks Blue Marlins

Visiting team:  Texas City Makos

Date of meet: June 9, 2018

Start time: 8:00a

Location of meet: Bay Forest Park and Pool

6 lanes – 25 yards


Host swims odd lanes

Check-in time:                    7:10a

Host warm-up:                   7:15-7:30        

Visitor warm-up time:         7:30-7:45


1. Meet will be scored in TouchPad.

2. Entries should be uploaded via TeamUnify sync

3. Host team will provide official meet results on Team Unify. 

4. Individual heat will be limited to:   Unlimited heats.  Events limited according to rules for age groups.

5. Relay heats/event will be limited to: Unlimited heats.  Relays limited according to rules for age groups.

6. Other information and/or special considerations for this meet are as follows:

  • Entries exchange and Touch Pad sync by end of Thursday the 7th
  • Times will be posted per league rules and will be final 30 minutes after posting

Concessions                     Set-up                  Parking

  • Our pool is located at 15701 Manor Square Drive, Houston 77062 in the Bay Forest neighborhood
  • Tents may be set up in parkland around the pool.  No tent setup inside the pool fence
  • Small parking lot that will have spaces blocked off for come-and-go volunteers.  Plenty of street parking.  Neighbors are used to park and pool events, but please be considerate of lawns and driveway entrances
  • No drones.  No photography from the officials’ area
  • Concessions: Credit card capable.  Jersey Mike’s subs for lunch.

Officials meeting at 7:45a                                                         

Scratches by 7:30 or earlier

Timers meeting at 7:30                                     

Swimmers to the ready area at 7:50

We are looking forward to swimming with the Makos! Please contact me directly with any questions, concerns, or requests.

See you at the pool,

Allison Orlina

Brooks Blue Marlins Clerk

Contact:              832 413 2260