2018 GULF Summer Champs @ FCST

Jul 20, 2018 (02:00 AM) - Jul 22, 2018 (02:00 AM)
June 27, 2018
July 22, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
Age Group 3, Age Group 4 Navy, Age Group 4 Silver, Age Group 4 White, Briar Club, Senior Silver, Senior White



Format: Prelim/Finals, Long Course Meters

Sessions: Fri/Sat/Sun - 13&O AM Prelims, 12&U afternoon prelims, all ages evening finals

Groups: Groups 2, 3, 4NSW, Seniors, Briar Club

Location: TBA - Don Cook or Cy Fair

Entry Deadline: June 27, 2018

Location: RICE hase been assigned to Don Cook Natatoruim  (FCST)

16255 Lexington Blvd, Sugar Land Tx 77479

Qualification/Sign Up: Currently when you committ your swimmer you should be able to see all events they are eligible to enter. The Black events they are qualifed for and the Red are events they are over qualifeid to swim. The viewing of events is only to help clarify to parents which meet their swimmer is eligible to swim in. Coaches will still pick events best suited for the athletes with athlete input. 

Championship Meet Suit Policy:

Reminder that we are using RICE's  tech suit policy for this meet. As always please check with your coach for prior to any suit purchases so they can help guide the most appropiate suit for this meet.

Updated 7/18

Invite Timeline Warm Ups
Friday AM On Deck/WU 6:45 AM/7:00 AM Start Time 8:30 AM
Saturday AM On Deck/WU 7:05 AM/7:25 AM Start Time 8:30AM
Sunday AM On Deck/WU 7:25 AM/7:45 AM Start Time 8:30 AM


Friday PM On Deck/WU 12:45/1:10 * Start Time 1 HR After WU Start
Saturday PM On Deck/WU 12:15/12:30 * Start Time 1 HR After WU Start
Sunday PM On Deck/WU 1:20/1:40 * Start Time 1 HR After WU Start

* The Afternoon Sessions will start no earlier than listed time or at the conclusion of the AM Sessions.

Finals On Deck/WU 4:15 PM/4:30 PM Start Time 5:30 PM

Meet Procedures

  • 100/200 events will be swum ODDS starting at the Lobby End and EVENS starting at the Diving Board end of the pool.
  • 50's will start at the Diving End end of the pool.

This is a prelims/finals meet format the following rules apply.

  • Top 8 Swimmers will final for 10 and Under
  • Top 16 Swimmers will final for 13-14 Age Group and 15 and Over Age Group
  • 400/800 Fr and 400 IM will be positive check in event with top 8 swimmers declaring PM swam in finals as the first event and remainder swum at the end of prelims alternating Girls and Boys heats.
  • Scratch table will close 30 min after the anouncment of finalists/alternates. Any swimmer who NS a finals event will be barred from the remainder of the meet and fined $50.00 by GULF Swimming. Swimmers need to check with Jessica prior to leaving each session to ensure they are not in finals, an alternate or possibly scratched into finals. 
  • All Relays will be swum on the Diving Board end of the pool.

Eligible Swimmers: Updated 6/15

12 and Under Swimmers -Swimmers must have 3 BB times to qualify but no more than 2 GULF Age Group Champs times.

13 and 14 Swimmers - No more than 2 GULF Age Group Champs times.

15 and Over Swimmers - No more than  2  15-16 AA times.