2018 Summer NCSA Juniors @ INDY

Jul 31, 2018 - Aug 4, 2018
July 17, 2018
SENIOR A1,Senior (Formally Senior A2) ([* ALL Locations *])



$3.00 per event

$67.00/swimmer NCSA Membership Fee

$100.00/swimmer Coaches Fee



Indiana University Natatorium On the campus of IUPUI

901 West New York Street Indianapolis, IN 46202

BONUS EVENTS: Bonus entries are permitted if a swimmer has at least one individual event qualifying time. A swimmer with one (1) qualifying time may enter up to three (3) bonus swims; two (2) qualifying times, a swimmer may enter up to two (2) bonus swims; three (3) qualifying times, up to one (1) bonus swim may be entered, and swimmers with four (4) or more qualifying times receives NO bonus swims. ALL bonus swims must be in events that are 200 meters or less in distance except for the 400 free and 400 IM. To enter the 400 freestyle or 400 IM events as a bonus, the swimmer must have the qualifying time as stated below and verified in OME: Women Event Men SCY LCM SCY LCM 5:04.99 4:32.89 400/500 Free 4:44.59 4:14.79 5:34.99 5:10.99 400 Individual Medley 4:13.09 4:48.89 Page 3 ALL bonus swim entries must be in LCM times and verifiable in OME except the 400 free and 400 IM. A swimmer entering the 400 free or 400 IM may enter in SCY if they meet the qualifying time as stated above and it is verified in OME. 

Swimmers with both 800/1500 distance cuts: A swimmer may use the Women’s 1500 or the men’s 800 cut as an entry into an additional event as a bonus and that entry will NOT count against their bonus event total. For those with the Women’s 1500 or the Men’s 800 cuts wishing to use that as an additional bonus event, they may enter the 400 freestyle or the 400 individual medley without achieving the bonus standard stated above for those events. THIS ENTRY MAY ONLY BE DONE BY EMAIL TO THE ENTRY COORDINATOR LISTED ABOVE. Please note in the email that the entry is for the Women’s 1500 or Men’s 800 cut. A proof of time for those distance event cuts must be sent with the entry to the entry coordinator for the swimmer to be entered into the event.

TIME TRIALS: Open to any swimmer who swims in any event (including relays). Swimmers are limited to two (2) time trial events for the meet. Time trials count towards a swimmer’s individual daily total. Time Trial entries are $10/individual events and are payable with CASH ONLY on deck at the Clerk of Course. Time Trial participants must provide their own timer and counter, if applicable. Time Trials will be run long course meters and will begin 15 minutes following the conclusion of each day’s preliminary session with the current day’s events swum first followed by subsequent days’ events then any preceding days. The 800 and 1500 freestyle will be offered on a day decided upon by the meet referee and will be announced prior to or during the general meeting. There will be a time cap on time trials each day dependent upon timelines for the preliminary sessions. The caps will be announced at the general meeting. Time trials will be offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, with daily sign-ups for that day’s events only between 7 AM and 10 AM or until the time cap is reached.