SWAT vs BAC Dual -Bus Ride

May 20, 2018 (02:00 AM)
May 19, 2018
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May 20, 2018 (07:15 AM) - May 20, 2018 

Registration Deadline

May 18,2018

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Hello SWAT Families,

We are traveling to the BAC Dual meet by bus.  We have chartered two school buses from Lamers.  To make sure we have each athlete on the bus we need a head count.  

The goal is to create a better team atmosphere and an experience for the swimmers.  Coaches will also be in the bus.  

The buses can start to be boarded (Whitnall High School) at 7:00am and will depart to Madison at 7:15am.  Depending the length of the meet and pizza afterwards we hope to return to Whitnall High School by 5:30pm.  

Simply respond in the notes box how many swimmers will riding on the bus.  The deadline to sign up will be Friday, May 18th. 

Let's make this FUN for the swimmers and easy for the parents. 

Thank you,

  Coach Rob McCabe

    GO SWAT! 

The meet date is Sunday, May 20 th.  The meet is at the Shorewood Hills Outdoor 50 Meter Pool, 901 Swarthmore Ct. Madison, WI 53715.  This will complete our “home and home” friendly rivalry dual meet with the Badger Aquatics Club (BAC).   

  The pool is 10 lanes with starting blocks in deep water.  Depending on the length of the meet only eight lanes will be used.  There will be a buffer lane and one lane used for warm-up or cool down.  The pool is currently filled and being heated.  They also have a solar cover to help expatiate or hold the water temperature.  BAC has practices scheduled in the pool starting Monday, May 14 th

  Weather may be a factor but only lightning, hail or extreme unseasonal temperatures will cause the meet to be delayed or cancelled.  The meet does have an early enough start time which will allow us to push back the start time if in case of lightning or an unforeseen reason. 

  We recommend the swimmers bring clothes appropriate for the weather.  This may include warm threads (parkas), layers, footwear, sun screen, hats, beach attire, all depending on the forecast and wind conditions.  Wearing shaded or mirrored goggles could also come in handy on a sunny day.   

  We are traveling to the meet as a team with two school buses.  The goal is to create a better team atmosphere and an experience for the swimmers.  Coaches will also be in the bus. 

  There is no entry fee for the meet but the cost for the event is $20.00 for each athlete.  The fee will include the bus travel and pizza party after the competition.  The cost of the meet will be billed to your family escrow account just like any other meet.  We strongly encourage all swimmers to ride the bus but will not penalize individuals who choose against the team transportation or meal afterwards.  A sign up for the bus will be available next week so have an accurate head count. 

  All participants will charged $20.00 whether or not they ride the bus or eat after the meet.         

  We recommend the swimmers to eat breakfast before boarding bus and pack snacks for the trip and day.  All individuals are expected to behave on the bus just like any other school function or field trip.   

  Swimmers are allowed to swim up to three (3) events and times will count in the USA Swimming SWIMS database.  Coaches would recommend only swimming one backstroke event as the swimmers are not used to swimming outdoors yet.   


7:00am: Arrive and Board Bus at Whitnall High School

7:15am: Depart Whitnall High School to Madison

9:00am: Arrive to Pool

9:30am: Warm-Ups

10:30am: Meet Start

2:30pm: Meet End (estimate) a more detailed timeline can be given after the meet entries have been received. 

3:45pm: Depart Madison to Whitnall High School (estimate)

5:30pm: Arrive at Whitnall High School (estimate)