2018 TYR Pro Series at IUPUI

May 17, 2018 - May 19, 2018
May 14, 2018


TYR Pro Series at IUPUI- featuring the World's Best racing right here in town!

May 17th to 29th, 2018

IUPUI Natatorium

The previous TYR Pro Series was televised LIVE on TV. We will try to get you up-to-date viewing info.

Congratulations to WTSC's Qualifiers!!!!

Scarlet Friend, Meggie McPherson, Delaney Isakson, Kaitlyn McPherson, Peter LaBarge, Caleb Parker, and Parker Hershberger.

Individual Entries:

Name Event Entry Time Age Group Date Note
Friend, Scarlet 100 FR Bonus 1:06.17 LCM Open May 17  
Friend, Scarlet 50 FR 23.95 SCY Open May 18  
Friend, Scarlet 200 BK 2:04.77 SCY Open May 18  
Friend, Scarlet 100 BK 56.99 SCY Open May 19  
Isakson, Delaney 400 FR 5:03.01 SCY Open May 17  
Isakson, Delaney 400 IM 4:30.47 SCY Open May 18  
Isakson, Delaney 200 BK Bonus 2:25.51 LCM Open May 18  
Isakson, Delaney 100 BK Bonus 1:09.22 LCM Open May 19  
Labarge, Peter 100 FR Bonus 55.69 LCM Open May 17  
Labarge, Peter 50 FR 21.22 SCY Open May 18  
Labarge, Peter 200 FR Bonus 2:07.03 LCM Open May 18  
McPherson, Kaitlyn 100 FR Bonus 1:00.51 LCM Open May 17  
McPherson, Kaitlyn 50 FR 23.94 SCY Open May 18  
McPherson, Kaitlyn 100 BR Bonus 1:19.15 LCM Open May 19  
McPherson, Meggie 100 FL Bonus 1:11.20 LCM Open May 17  
McPherson, Meggie 200 BK Bonus 2:34.53 LCM Open May 18  
McPherson, Meggie 100 BK 57.60 SCY Open May 19  
Parker, Caleb 100 FR Bonus 54.42 LCM Open May 17  
Parker, Caleb 200 FR Bonus 2:00.27 LCM Open May 18  
Parker, Caleb 100 BR 58.25 SCY Open May 19


USA Swimming has announced that they are flighting the meet for the duration of the weekend. All of our swims are in the B flight. The B flights start very close to Noon every day. With that being said, report on deck at 10:45AM for an 11AM warm up. If you are in the final event of the day, you will be racing at or after 2PM.  Note there are no penalties if you miss an event, however please let me know before Wednesday if you will be missing any days due to school tests becuase I will likely need to sign you back in.

Two other important notes:  1) You need to fill out the waiver form attached below- this is required in order to get your deck pass and 2) Please read up on the drug testing guidelines (some immediately below, some linked a little lower)- while 80% of the time or greater they only test those that make finals, please be ready if you are called!! This may be new for you, please don't hesitate in asking questions.

The 2018 TYR Pro Swim Series at Indianapolis is subject to doping control.  

 Coaches:  please share the following information with your athletes/their parents immediately.

  Visit https://www.usada.org/athletes/antidoping101   for important information that all athletes and their parents must be aware of.  Key details from that document are listed below.

  2)      Whatsubstances are banned?

Per USADA:  “As a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code, USADA tests for substances and methods found on the World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List. It’s important that athletes are aware of the substances and methods on the Prohibited List, as an athlete is responsible for any prohibited substance found in their body, regardless of intent. It’s also important to understand that certain substances are prohibited at all times, while others are prohibited only during competition. In some cases, a substance is only prohibited in a certain sport. Use the resources on this tab in conjunction with the next step about medication and the resources available pertaining to medication to determine whether or not a substance is prohibited.”

Review the WADA Prohibited List https://www.usada.org/wp-content/uploads/wada-2018-prohibited-list-en.pdf

Understand the changes for 2018  https://www.usada.org/substances/prohibited-list/major-changes-2018-wada-prohibited-list/

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) 2018 Prohibited List is in effect as of January 1, 2018 and remains in effect through December 31, 2018


3)      What about medication?

Per USADA:  “Athletes need to be aware of the prohibited status of any medication they are taking, whether it be an over-the-counter or prescription medication. The easiest way to understand your medication is to use USADA’s Global DRO   service, where generic and name brand products, or specific medications, can be searched. Results will yield information including the in- and out-of-competition status, any threshold information, as well as sport specific information for those substances prohibited only in certain sports.

Athletes or their support team can also speak to an expert by phone during business hours [8am – 5pm Mountain Time Monday-Friday] by calling Athlete Express at 719.785.2000.

The USADA wallet card also provides information on the most commonly ingested medications.    https://www.usada.org/wp-content/uploads/wallet-card.pdf

If and when a medication is prohibited, athletes may choose to stop taking or replace the medication with a non-prohibited substance or explore the Therapeutic Use Exemption   process.

Your health is your first priority. Any decision to stop or start a medication should be made in consultation with your medical provider.

It’s important to understand that Dietary Supplements are not medication. They are regulated and manufactured differently. For these reasons, USADA is unable to provide guidance on specific dietary supplement products. For more information visit USADA’s Supplement 411 resource .”

4)      Therapeutic Use Exemptions?

Per USADA: “In some situations, an athlete may have an illnesses or condition that requires the use of medication listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Prohibited List. A Therapeutic Use Exemption or TUE provides permission for an athlete to have a prohibited substance in their body at the time of a drug test.

The process for obtaining a TUE is thorough and balances the need to allow athletes access to critical medication while upholding clean athletes’ rights to compete on a clean and level playing field. In some cases, the TUE requirements are different for national-level athletes vs. non-national level athletes.

Athletes interested in obtaining a TUE should visit the Therapeutic Use Exemption page , where they can determine if they need a therapeutic use exemption, begin the application process, and find answers to the most frequently asked TUE questions.”


5)      Understand the Sample Collection Process:

Per USADA: “Athletes selected for testing are subject to both blood and urine testing. The processes are designed to be both effective in preserving the integrity of the sample, yet safe and comfortable for the athlete. Understanding the processes as well as an athlete’s rights and responsibilities can help to make them less intimidating. There are additional considerations for minor athletes and disabled athletes.

Learn more about the sample collection processes here .”

                Please also see the below notice and attached document regarding Minor Athletes.  Minor athletes should always have an Athlete Representative with them in Doping Control. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Per established doping control testing protocol a Witnessing Chaperone must directly observe an athlete providing a sample.  The witnessing chaperone is always someone of the same gender as the athlete. 

To protect the rights of a minor athlete, someone must observe the witnessing chaperone observing the athlete as they provide a urine sample. That person cannot see the athlete – they can only see the witnessing chaperone watching the athlete.  Per USADA’s established protocol (attached) the athlete has the right to choose who will be in that role.  In the event that a coach acts as an Athlete Representative for an athlete of the opposite gender, they may request that someone on USADA’s crew observe the witnessing chaperone observing the athlete.  Then the coach can be the athlete representative for the rest of the processing of the paperwork. 

Remember: pseudoephedrine is PROHIBITED in-competition and cannot be in the athlete’s system during a test! 

  If you have any questions, please contact Stacy Michael Miller smichael@usaswimming.org or myself.