PSW one day Invitational Swim Meet

Jun 9, 2018
May 24, 2018


1) some information on the meet - swimmers need to be on deck by 12:30 PM ready to activate and wear team gear!

2)      PARKING- Yes this is Grandview Heights and parking is an issue (the new parking lot is coming).  There are lessons before the meet so the lot will be VERY full.  There will be additional parking across the street at the City of Surrey building (see photo below). I suggest car pooling as the pool will be busy.

3)      Warm Up/Warm Down-Warm ups will be open at 1:00 and be closing at 1:40 so that we can start the meet at 1:45. A reminder that we are only running 8 lanes and there will be warm down lanes available during the meet to the side of the pool. Please remind you swimmers that they are to be used as warm down only and not play space as the racing will be going on next to those lanes.

4)      I have attached an updated fee report to reflect 3 swims per athlete.

5)      Garbage Reminder- If you can remind your swimmers to clean up after themselves and to not leave garbage laying around (asked NO FISHY CRACKERS) it will help to ensure future meets will allow food on deck.