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Lovettsville at Franklin Park

June 23, 2018 (08:00 AM) - June 23, 2018 (11:00 AM)
June 20, 2018
June 20, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


The Franklin Park Stingrays welcome you to our Swim Meet on June 20th!  Here are some details you’ll be interested in for your maximum enjoyment of this event:                                                 

Pre-meet Communications:  Seeding the meet - Please be sure to submit your meet entries via TouchPad and attach a Team Roster before 7:00 pm on Thursday.  Contact info - Please ensure that the following Franklin Park Stingrays Members are included on all emails you send:

  • Kristen Hickman, President - klovehickman@gmail.com
  • Tricia Valenti & Jim Vega, Computer Operator – tricia.valenti@gmail.com,  jvkten@gmail.com
  • Michele Song, Head Coach – michelesong@hotmail.com
  • Kathleen Voss, ODSL League Rep – wlj8785@aol.com
  • Kelli Pierre, Volunteer Coordinator - roundhillmomma@yahoo.com

Meet Schedule:  We have a hard stop to end our meet by 11:30 am so that the County can open the public pool on time.  Therefore we suggest you have your Team arrive at 07:00 am.  Although ODSL mentions a projected 08:00 am start time, please note in your team communications that we will try to have the pool turned over to you for your warm ups about 07:20 am.   If things are running smoothly, we would like to start the meet earlier than 08:00 am (ideally, 07:45 am).  This way we can be sure we swim all events and still meet this deadline.


Post-meet Expectations:  We will send the meet backup files in TouchPad format by 5:00 pm the day of the meet.  Any unfinished labels will be emailed in PDF ready for print. Meet results will be released in the TU system by 11:00 am the following morning. We will post results for each event on the large barn door located near exit to the locker rooms throughout the meet.


Pool Details:  Our pool is 25 yards long so swimmers’ times at this event will be different than your 25 meter home pool.  However, results will be published in meters.  Timers remain in place during the meet at the pool house end of the pool; 25-yard events are started from the far end.


Volunteers:  Per ODSL rules, we ask you to provide 2 Stroke & Turn Judges, 9 Timers, a Clerk of Course assistant, a Scorekeeper/Assistant Computer Operator, and your Ribbon Writer staff.   Stroke & Turn Judges will meet at the Starter table, and Timers will meet next to the Scorekeeper’s canopy, all at 07:30 am or before (this will be clearly announced).


Directions: Our pool is located at Franklin Park, 17501 Franklin Park Dr, Purcellville, Va. 20132.  A Google map is included in the TU Event invitation sent to you previously.  There are also directions posted on our website, click  here.


Parking:  There is plenty of parking located in front of the entrance to the pool.


Visiting Team Area:   The Visiting Team Area is located in the grassy area found to the left of the competition pool - when you walk onto the deck after exiting the locker rooms the competition pool is located in back of the lower pool area. There are tables for your use - we do recommend that you bring tents as there is no shade.


Restricted Areas:   Please do not enter any part of the lower or upper pools (where the slide is located).


Seating:  There are bleachers available for you on deck next to the competition pool on the side opposite of the starter and computer table.  Families may sit in the pool chairs located in the upper pool area behind the bleachers. We have a lot of deck space, but a limited amount of it is shaded. 


Concessions:  Concessions are located to the immediate left of the pool deck upon exiting the locker rooms. Families are welcome to bring their own provisions.  Water is provided to Timers and on deck Team personnel.  We appreciate your cooperation to please clean up all your areas during and after the event so that the pool staff may open the pool as soon as possible after the meet ends.


We look forward to a great meet between our teams!