GPAC Sponsors

Summer League Swimming

May 29, 2018 (02:00 AM) - Jul 21, 2018 (02:00 AM)
June 7, 2018


With the start of summer comes the start of our Bay Area Summer Swim (BASS) League season. GPAC "sponsors" three different summer swim teams at PSC, UWF and in Milton at Santa Rosa Christian School.

Our goal is to promote competitive swimming in a fun and more relaxed atmosphere to as many interested swimmers as possible in the community. Each summer, GPAC has more than 60 non-year round swimmers participate and experience our great coaching staff and learn more about the sport of swimming.

GPAC would also like to invite our own year-round swimmers participate--especially our younger swimmers and those without much competitive experience!  We highly encourage all White, Blue and Green group swimmers to participate for a continuation of their racing development in a low-stress fun environment.  Junior, Senior Blue, Senior Green and Senior Group swimmers are also encouraged to participate so that they can be mentors to out younger swimmers while gaining leadership skills.  We also love to have our older swimmer volunteer to help coach the teams as it is a great experience and swimmers can use if for their high school volunteer hours.

Our intention is to make swimming fun and rewarding. Summer meets are exciting and SHORT (comparatively to year-round) and swimmers get to be rewarded for their races as soon as the race is over. New swimmers get to experience swim meets in a lower stress, familiar way by racing with their GPAC teammates and fewer other competitors. Meets aren’t as overwhelming at regular season GPAC meets can be for newer swimmers.

In addition, in the summer season GPAC meets are contested in the “long course” pool—50 meters long. Most of our novice and intermediate swimmers are only experienced with the “short course”—or 25 yard pool. These races over a 50 or 100-meter distance can be daunting and difficult for some swimmers. Summer league races are shorter and contested in the short course format. Making for a more manageable and successful swim. Young swimmers also get extra opportunities to develop their racing skills.

Lastly, one of the best reasons to have your young and developing swimmer do summer league is the sense of accomplishment and success that can come from competing against swimmers who don’t necessarily put the same amount of time in the pool. Being that “big fish” can be very impactful on a young swimmer’s pride and self-esteem. As compared to some year-round swim meets, knowing that they are in a position to win and be the best can often times produce tremendous results! The same can be seen in high school and middle school swimming in our community.

Current GPAC swimmers who wish to compete in summer league pay only a $50 fee—which covers their meet fees and team outfitting and will be billed to your team account. Swimmers will continue to train with their regular GPAC training group and do not train any extra days with the summer team. So no additional time commitment is required. We anticipate hosting two meets at PSC, visiting Washington Sea Lions for a meet at Washington High School and plan to head to Navarre YMCA at the end of the season for a multi-team picnic and fun meet in July.

If you are interested in having your swimmers participate in BASS this summer, simply visit the team web site and sign up as you would a regular GPAC swim meet. We will build our rosters based on this sign up.  Please specify which team (location) your swimmer will participate in the "notes" section of the signup.

Please talk to your swimmer’s coach if you have further questions or would like to know if summer league would be beneficial for your swimmer.

We hope to have you as a part of one of our summer league teams!