TYR Splash and Dash

Jun 15, 2018 - Jun 18, 2018
June 4, 2018
Gold Group,Silver Group ([* ALL Locations *])


Gold and Silver are swimming in this event.  Please contact your current coach and get approval before signing up for this meet if you are not in those groups.

THERE IS AN EARLY COMMITMENT TO THE MEET OF MAY 28TH.  We will send a list of names in at that times and event entry will be done the following week. YOU MUST BE ENTERED IN THAT COMMITMENT LIST TO BE IN THE MEET if the meet has closed.

There is a 6 Event Limit - No Scratch Down

This is a Proof of Time Meet - All entry times must be provable.  They do have LC and SC standards.

Events 1-27 are Prelims/Finals events and have AA standards.  Top16 swimmers in each age group will be back for finals. Prelims will be swum 11&Older combined.

Events in the 800s - These are Splash and Dash Shootout events.  They are listed as 100s and will be entered with 100 times for seeding purposes.  THEY ARE 50s THOUGH.

Events in the 500s are Timed Finals and will be swum in the afternoon session. There is a minimum and Maximum standard for those events.  They do count for your entry limit.

507 & 508 is the 50 Back but swimmers will enter with 100 times.

515 & 516 is the 50 Breast but swimmers will enter with 100 times

529 & 530 is the 50 Fly but swimmers will enter with 100 times