Jun 29, 2018 (08:00 PM) - Jun 29, 2018 (10:00 PM)
June, 26 2018
Blue SHARKS M/W 5:30-6:30,Blue SHARKS M/W 6:30-7:30,Blue SHARKS T/R 5:30-6:30,Blue SHARKS T/R 6:30-7;30,Bull SHARKS M/W 3:30,Bull SHARKS M/W 4:15,Bull SHARKS M/W 5:00,Bull SHARKS M/W 5:45,Bull SHARKS M/W 6:30,Bull SHARKS M/W 7:15,Bull SHARKS T/R 3:30,Bull SHARKS T/R 4:15,Bull SHARKS T/R 5:00,Bull SHARKS T/R 5:45,Bull SHARKS T/R 6:30,Bull SHARKS T/R 7:15,Dusky SHARKS,Leopard SHARKS M/W 2:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 3:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 3:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 4:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 4:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 5:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 5:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 6:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 6:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 7:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 7:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 1:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 12:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 2:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 3:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 3:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 4:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 4:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 5:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 5:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 6:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 6:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 7:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 7:30 up,Mako SHARKS,Sand SHARKS M/W 3:30,Sand SHARKS M/W 4:15,Sand SHARKS M/W 4:15,Sand SHARKS M/W 5:00,Sand SHARKS M/W 5:45,Sand SHARKS M/W 6:30,Sand SHARKS M/W 7:15,Sand SHARKS T/R 3:30,Sand SHARKS T/R 4:15,Sand SHARKS T/R 5:00,Sand SHARKS T/R 5:45,Sand SHARKS T/R 6:30,Sand SHARKS T/R 7:15 (Westminster)


SHARK RACES -  Friday, June 29th  !

*Warm-up @ 5:00 PM & Start @ 5:30 PM!

Parents are required to volunteer to help operate the races! 

After RACES Picnic: EVERY family MUST bring a 2 liter drink and a “Healthy” Side Dish OR desert! Coach Lou will provide Pizza for all!!!

Leopard SHARKS MUST have Coach Sara's approval to enter SHARK Races!

Entry Deadline: Please sign up on or before Tuesday, June 26th!
Accounts must be in good standing in order to register and participate in SHARK Races!