Tarheel States

Jul 27, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Jul 29, 2018 (03:00 AM)
July, 7 2018


Koury Natatorium, Chapel Hill, NC
July 27 - 29, 2018

SANCTION:                         Held under the sanction of USA Swimming, Inc., issued by North Carolina Swimming, Inc. 

HOST :                                   North Carolina Aquatic Club                                               

DATES & TIMES:      Friday, July 27 – Sunday, July 29

13 & Over
Friday - 7:00 AM Warm-up, 8:00 AM Start
Saturday - 6:30 AM Warm-up, 8:00 AM Start
Sunday - 7:00 AM Warm-up, 8:00 AM Start

12 & Under
Friday- 12:40 PM Warmup, 1:15 PM Start
Saturday - 12:15 PM Warmup, 1:15 PM Start
Sunday - 11:55 AM Warmup, 12:30 PM Start

LOCATION:                          Koury Natatorium

UNC Campus

Skipper Bowles Drive

Chapel Hill NC                                     


FACILITY:                              Koury Natatorium, UNC Campus, Skipper Bowles Drive, Chapel Hill NC.  An eight-lane, 50m, USA Swimming certified pool with non-turbulent lane lines and deck anchored starting blocks.  Colorado Timing System and full-color scoreboard will be used.  Pool depth ranges from 7 to 14ft with starting blocks at both ends.  Spectator seating is available in the balcony area.  The competition course has been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C(4). The copy of such certification is on file with USA Swimming.




CLASSIFICATION:         13-14 & Senior: Prelims and Finals; 12 & Under: Timed Finals


ELIGIBILITY:                        All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming, Inc. or foreign swimmers invited to participate by USA Swimming in compliance with 202.6.1A. Swimmers must be registered prior to entry deadline.  USA Swimming members entered will be checked against current LSC registration. 


SWIMMERS WITH            NCAC welcomes all swimmers with disabilities as described in the USA Swimming Rules and

DISABILITIES:                     Regulations, Article 105, to participate in our meets. Coaches entering swimmers with disabilities that require any accommodations are required to provide advance notice in writing to the meet director by the entry deadline accompanying their meet entry file, including the need for any personal assistants required and/or registered service animals. Failure to provide advance notice may limit NCAC’s ability to accommodate all requests.


RULES:                                   This meet will be conducted in accordance with the current USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, and the current North Carolina Swimming Rules and Regulations, and the current North Carolina Swimming Safety Program.  These rules will serve as the official guide for technical and procedural rules, except wherein are optional and exceptions are herein stated. Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.  Changing into or out of swimsuits other than in locker rooms or other designated areas is prohibited.


SCRATCH RULES:               The current NCS Scratch Rule will be in effect during the course of this meet for prelim / finals and deck seeded events (see attachment). This will serve as the official guide for technical procedural rules, except when stated otherwise in the Meet Announcement. Coaches and swimmers are expected to be familiar with the rule.


FORMAT:                             (1) All 10 & Under and 11-12 events, the Senior 400 IM, 400 Free, Open 800 Free, and all relay   events are timed final events.  Swimmers participating in the 400 Free or 800 Free must provide their own 2 timers and person to count lengths.


(2)    All other Senior/13-14 events will be conducted on a preliminary/finals basis.  These events will be swum with 13-14 and Senior swimmers seeded together in prelims. At finals, we will swim A & B finals for Seniors followed by A & B finals for 13-14s.  The order will be B, then A.


Meet management may elect to run chase starts during preliminary and timed final events if they deem necessary based on the size of the meet.  Meet management may also run 2 swimmers per lane for distance events or limit the number of swimmers if they deem necessary based on size of meet.  Coaches will be notified of the procedure at the coaches’ meeting.


TIME TRIALS:                      Will be offered after prelims and/or finals on Friday and Saturday at the discretion of the Meet Referee.

Time Trials must not exceed the per day limit of three events.

All Time Trial swimmers must be entered in the meet.

All Time Trial swimmers must provide 2 timers.

All USA Swimming rules will apply to Time Trials.


ENTRY LIMITS:                   Meet: 

The meet may be limited to the first 550 swimmers to submit their entries. Teams are encouraged to submit their entries early.



10 & Under and 11-12 swimmers are limited to 9 (nine) individual events for the meet and no more than 5 (five) individual events per day.


13-14, and Senior swimmers are limited to 8 (eight) individual events for the meet and no more than 3 (three) individual events per day.


Relay: Each club may enter up to 3 (three) relay teams per relay event.


FEES:                                     Individual events:            $7.00 per individual event

Surcharge:                          $30.00 per swimmer


ENTRY DEADLINE:            You must signup prior to 11:59 PM Friday, July 7 on the WAVE Website.   



CHECK-IN                            A positive check-in will be required for the following deck seeded events.


Event                                    Check In Closes

11-12 200 IM                      Friday at 12:30PM

10 & U 200 IM                    Friday at 12:30PM

Open 400 IM                      Friday at 8:00AM

Open 400 Free                 Saturday 8:00AM  

Open 800                             Sunday at 8:00AM  

Time Trials                           One hour after session start


The listed events will be deck-seeded and swum as timed finals.  Swimmers who fail to check in will not be permitted to swim and entry fees will not be refunded


SEEDING:                             800 Free

The Open 800 Free will be swum during the Sunday morning session (alternating women and men fastest to slowest) with the fastest heat swum during the finals session. Swimmers should indicate AM/PM preference at check in. In order to maintain the time line, this event may be swum with two swimmers per lane.  If two swimmers per lane, all boys heats will start at the main scoreboard end and all women’s heat at the diving board end.  They will start simultaneously.  In addition, meet management reserves the right to limit the number of heats swum for this event.  For all heats swum during the preliminary session, swimmers must provide their own 2 timers.



400 IM & 400 Free

The Open 400 IM and 400 Free will be swum as timed final events (alternating women and men fastest to slowest) with the top 8 seeded swimmers swimming with finals.  There will be NO AM/PM option for the 400 IM and 400 Free. Meet Management reserves the right to combine heats (men and women) and/or limit the number of heats swum.   In addition, the 400 Free may be swum with two swimmers per lane.  If two swimmers per lane, all boys heats will start at the main scoreboard end and all women’s heat at the diving board end.  They will start simultaneously. 


SCORING:                            Meet not scored.


AWARDS:                            Individual Events:            Ribbons 1st-8th Place

Relays:                                  Ribbons 1st-3rd Place


WARM-UP:                        Warm-ups will be held in accordance with the NCS Safety Program.  Warm-up may be split into two sessions if meet management deems it necessary based on the number of entries.  If the warm-up is split, teams will be notified via e-mail by Tuesday, July 26th. 


SAFETY:                                 The North Carolina Safety Program is in effect for this meet. Coaches are advised to closely supervise these swimmers at all times.  No horseplay will be tolerated! Other than volunteer meet workers, no parents will be allowed on the deck.                                             


VOLUNTEERS:                    Volunteer timers and officials are welcomed.  Officials wishing to work at the meet please contact meet management.







As a team entered in this meet, upon entry you are verifying that all of the swimmers and coaches listed on the enclosed entry are registered with USA Swimming. You acknowledge that you are familiar with the Safety Rules of USA Swimming, Inc. and North Carolina Swimming, Inc. regarding warm-up procedures and meet safety guidelines, and that you shall be responsible for the compliance of your swimmers with those rules during this meet. THE NORTH CAROLINA AQUATIC CLUB, UNC, North Carolina Swimming, Inc., and USA Swimming, Inc., their agents, employees, and coaches shall be held free and harmless from any and all liabilities or claims for damages arising by reason of illness or injury to anyone during the conduct of this meet. You acknowledge that by entering this meet, you are granting permission for the names of any or all of your team’s swimmers to be published on the internet in the form of Psych Sheets, Meet Results, or any other documents associated with the running of this meet.


NCS Scratch Rule


208.3. INDIVIDUAL SCRATCH RULE Swimmers shall inform themselves of the meet starting time and shall report to the proper meet authorities promptly upon call. The meet announcement shall specify all mandatory check-in and scratch deadlines and procedures.


.1 Pre-Seeded Meets - Any swimmer not reporting for or competing in an individual timed final event shall not be penalized.


.2 Events Seeded on the Deck - Any swimmer entered in an individual event that is seeded on the deck, in whole or in part, who has checked in for that event, must swim in the event unless the swimmer notifies the clerk of course before the seeding for that event has begun that the swimmer wishes to scratch or as noted in 208.3.4 A or D.. Failure to scratch prior to seeding and not swimming the event will result in the swimmer being barred from the next individual event in which the swimmer entered in the meet. Unless the meet announcement states otherwise, events seeded on the deck shall be closed for seeding no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the event except that individual events of 400 meters or longer may be closed for seeding up to twenty four (24) hours before the expected start of the event if the check-in/scratch deadline occurs after the beginning of the meet and is announced in the meet announcement.


.3 Preliminary and Finals Events


A Any swimmer not reporting for or competing in a pre-seeded preliminary heat when finals are scheduled shall not be penalized. If the preliminary heat is seeded on the deck then 208.3.2 applies


C Any swimmer qualifying for an A final, scored or not scored, or B scored final race in an individual event who fails to compete in said A or B final race shall be barred from further competition for the remainder of the meet, except as noted in 208.3.4.  For events occurring on the last day of a meet, a fine of $100 per missed swim shall also be assessed to the club by the appropriate Division Chair for failure to compete. A declared false start or deliberate delay of meet is not permitted and will be regarded as a failure to compete.


D In the event of withdrawal or barring of a swimmer from competition, when possible, the Referee shall fill the A, B, or C final with the next qualified swimmer(s). First and second alternates shall be announced along with the final qualifiers. These and all other alternates and those qualifying for non-scoring B or C finals shall not be penalized if unavailable to compete


E When the B or C final has not yet been swum and a barring or withdrawal is known in advance by the Referee, the Referee should re-seed the A, B, or C finals, if necessary, to insert the alternate(s) in the appropriate lane(s), filling all lanes in the final. In order to prevent undue delay of the A, B, or C finals, the Referee may elect to fill the empty lane(s), without re-seeding, with the next qualified alternate, or if unavailable, the next qualified swimmer(s) who is/are present in the starting area and ready to swim


F If a C or B final has already been swum, the A final of that event shall be swum without filling the empty lane(s)


.4 Exception for Failure to Compete - No penalty shall apply for failure to compete in or scratch an individual event if:


A The Referee is notified in the event of illness or injury and accepts the proof thereof.


B The swimmers qualifying for an A final or B final race based upon the results of the preliminaries notifies the Referee within thirty (30) minutes after announcement of the qualifiers of that final race that they may not intend to compete and also declares his final decision whether or not to scratch within thirty (30) minutes following his last individual preliminary heat, swim-off, or re-swim.


C The swimmer was not named in any finals heat during the initial announcement of results


D It is determined by the Referee that failure to compete is caused by circumstances beyond the control of the swimmer.




.1 All Meets - Any relay or relay member, in a relay event that fails to compete in or report for that event shall not be penalized.