Hyak Summer Solstice ONE DAY Invitational

Jun 23, 2018
June, 9 2018


Mark Bottrill, the head coach at Hyak, has been kind enough to invite us to a one day swim meet they are hosting near the end of June.  As a means to counteract the lack of LC space available to us, we want to take around 35 kids up to Coquitlam with us to get some last minute LC experience before last chance meets roll around

Commensurate to interest, there will be a team van option, set at $20 per kid who takes a van, with an option for a team meal 

There is no entry limit, but swimmers will limit themselves to two events per session

This meet is open to all Gold, B, and A swimmers who qualify

Canada has a tier system for their cut times, which I've posted Here.  I would imagine pink=girls cuts and blue=boys cuts

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