2018 Third Swim Meet

October 21, 2018 (08:00 AM) - October 21, 2018 (04:00 PM)
October 19, 2018
October 20, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


This is the Third Meet of the 2018 Season.
Arrive on time so that the swimmers have the chance to get set-up and participate in the warmups. Warmups are important for the swimmer's health and performance.

Location: San Fernando Regional Pool  at  208 Park Ave., San Fernando 91340 

Requirements and Conditions

MEET ENTRY FEES - San Fernando Pool Facility

      $4.00 per individual event per swimmer    PLUS
      $10.00 Pool Surcharge per Swimmer per Day (one time)

NOTE: The program does not display the charges when you are registering your swimmers for the events. Charges will be paid with your Credit Card on file.


  • Swimmers warming up or down before, during or after the swim meet MUST be under the direct supervision of a coach or team representative.
  • There will be no diving into the pool during these times except into the designated sprint lane(s).
  • During the meet, the warm-up lanes will be closed if swimmers are playing.
  • No diving in the warm-up lanes during the meet.


  • Qualified swimmers from the League’s schools or parishes are eligible.
  • Swimmers MUST BE members of the parish or a student of the Catholic school.
  • A swimmer's age as of 9/1/16 will determine the age group. 
  • Swimmers must be a minimum of five years old by 9/1/16, to enter the meet. 
  • Swimmers may be entered in MAXIMUM OF FOUR INDIVIDUAL EVENTS
  • For 9 or 10 yr old swimmers to enter the 100IM, they must have achieved times in all fours 50s of the strokes.
  • All parents must complete the Release of Liability waiver, and provide the name of the Medical Insurance carrier.


  • Southern California Swimming rules will govern.
  • The morning and afternoon sessions will be reseeded into heats.
  • Individual events will be swum by combined age group, but awarded & scored by age.
  • Swimmers will be disqualified for stroke technique violations, which will be reflected in results.


  • Coaches or team representatives may enter relays at the meet using forms provided at the Admin table.
  • All relay teams will consist of girl or boy swimmers in specified age groups, i.e. 6/Un, 7/8, 9/10, etc
  • In order for a swimmer to participate on a relay team, the swimmer must be entered in and swim in at least one individual event.
  • Each scoring relay teams will be comprised of swimmers from the SAME SCHOOL/PARISH. Relays comprised of swimmers from more than one team will be an exhibition, and will not receive awards or team points


The meet admin will use entry times from the 2017 San Fernando Valley Catholic League season (not workout or time trials) or best times from the first meet of this season.


  • Team plaques: awarded based on team size divisions based on entries.
  • Individual event awards: 1st through 10th, in age divisions 6 & under,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13/14; scored 11-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
  • Relay awards: 1st through 3rd place in each age group; scoring through 10th place; scored 22-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2.
  • All awards will be distributed at the end of each session to a team representative or coach. PLEASE DO NOT pick up any awards during the meet.
  • High point awards plaques for the top 12 finishers (who competed in at least 3 meets) in each age group, top 8 finishers for 14-year-olds, will be presented at the end of morning and afternoon sessions.

      $4.00 per individual event, PLUS
      $10.00 Pool Surcharge per swimmer

Arrive on time to allow your children to get set up and participate in the warm-up. Warm-ups are important for the health and performance of the swimmers.