ASC Intent to Return Fall 2018

August 13, 2018
July 11, 2018


Aloha ASC Famlies-

As the 2018 LCM season is wrapping up we are looking ahead to plan our Fall/Winter SCY (Short Course Yards) season. 

Please let us know if your swimmer(s) will be joining us for the Fall.Winter SCM season in August by Committing to this "event" Yes  or No. This will help us plan for group rosters, practice times and lanes as well as staffing for the fall. We have swimmers on a waitlist to join as well as some Summer Swim Academy swimmers interested in joining the ranks. 

***Please take time to check your account balance to get paid up on any outstanding meet fees. You can prepay meet fees for the Hilo meet 6/23 and 24 too ($2/event)

We are looking forward to continuing to work with your children in the fall-

Mark, Harry, Barb, Sylvia, Jane and Sarie