2018 Far Western Championships Meet

July 26, 2018 (06:30 AM) - July 29, 2018 (07:00 PM)
July 6, 2018
July 6, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
Coach, Jr 1/Jr 2, Jr 3, Sr 1, Sr 2, Sr 3, Sr 4



Thank you for your support of the summer long course 2018 Far Western Championships Meet!! Please read the following before signing up for jobs:


  • All families need to sign up for 5 (five) shifts over the course of the meet. If you have an important skill such as Announcer, Desk, Hospitality Lead, Official, etc., we ask that you please fill those shifts first. If you can work Thursday or Friday please do so our families with less flexibility can take weekend shifts.
  • Please remember to sign up for an extra FW shift if this applies to you.
  • Please only sign up for 5 jobs (or more if you need to work extra). Please don't sign up for extra jobs and "hold" them until you figure out your schedule - that makes it difficult for other families to sign up. Additional jobs will be added and deleted as necessary.
  • Please remember the timeline is preliminary. We'll notify you of any changes to shift times once meet entries have closed. Thank you for your support and understanding.
  • All families need to work even if your swimmer is not swimming in the meet. This meet is our largest revenue generator of the year and we truly need all hands on deck. The Far Western Championships meet is highly regarded. Hosting this meet is an honor and will benefit our team by drawing attention to our swimmers and our club. We encourage you to talk with families on other teams about the OA experience - the more swimmers who join OA the lighter our workloads will be in the future!
  • Subs - if you need to hire a sub for your shift(s) please draw from the approved sub list first. We want to be sure that all subs are equipped to handle the jobs they'll be working. The going rate is $50 per shift and you'll need to contact, hire & pay your subs directly. Please indicate the name & cell number of your sub on your job signup and email Jean Follmer with the contact information.  Please visit the Sub List


Our sincere thanks for your continued support of Orinda Aquatics! Let's make this the most successful Far Western Championships Meet to date!