Gulf Sr Champs

July 20, 2018 - July 22, 2018
June 25, 2018
July 20, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


This is a six session, 3 day prelim/final meet with AM and PM timed final sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and PM finals sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

ESA Entries due to by 11:59 PM, Sunday, July 1, 2018. 




NOCH and SHRK will be hosting the Gulf Senior Champs meet July 20-22 at the University of Houston Recreation and Wellness Center Natatorium.  New rules dictate that an event lasting more than 2 days requires all adults on the deck to have a safety certification.  This includes timers as well! 

I have put together timing assignments for each session based on numbers of swimmers from each team from last year's meet (after a survey that went out to each team where they indicated that numbers should be roughly the same this year), including finals sessions. This way, teams can be prepared in getting parents certified to be on deck.  We are recommending that if a parent has a child that will be attending the meet, they go ahead and get certified just in case.  Especially if they might be doing time trials. 

Coaches and officials need to be certified as well. 

This is not a quick process.  After you have submitted your form, it takes 5-7 business to days to even get access to taking the online course.  Then, I am sure, there is a waiting period before you show up in the system.  This is the reason I am sending this out so early, so that we can all get this taken care of NOW and not wait until the last minute.

If you took this safety course for the KATY Senior meet in May, you do not need to take it again.  However, swimmers DO need to fill out another waiver and have it signed.  That is a per meet requirement.

All swimmers waivers must be submitted with entries - print and give a copy to Coach Pink


Instructions on how to submit your ePOI form (it does not come back to me!):



The ePOI form for the adults:


The waiver form for athletes:


The timing assignment spreadsheet:



If you have any questions, I will try my best to answer them.  Thank you in advance for taking care of this early!

Paige Sikkema

Owner/Head Coach
North Channel Aquatics



University of Houston Recreation Center

4500 University Dr. Houston, TX 77004



Date & Times:

Session 1: Friday AM Prelims – July 20, 2018

Age Groups: 13 & Over girls and boys

Warm-up : 7:00 – 8:15 am / Meet Start: 8:30 am


Session 2: Friday Finals – July 20, 2018

Age Groups: 13 & Over girls and boys

Warm-up: 4:30-5:15 pm/Meet Start: 5:30 pm


Session 3: Saturday AM Prelims – July 21, 2018

Age Groups: 13 & Over girls and boys

Warm-up : 7:00 – 8:15 am / Meet Start: 8:30 am


Session 4: Saturday Finals – July 21, 2018

Age Groups: 13 & Over girls and boys

Warm-up: 4:30-5:15 pm/Meet Start: 5:30 pm


Session 5: Sunday AM Prelims – July 22, 2018

Age Groups: 13 & Over girls and boys

Warm-up : 7:00 – 8:15 am / Meet Start: 8:30 am


Session 6: Sunday Finals – July 22, 2018

Age Groups: 13 & Over girls and boys

Warm-up: 4:30-5:15 pm/Meet Start: 5:30 pm


Entry Information:

Entry Times: Swimmers must enter at their best time. Entry times must be submitted in the course at which the best time was achieved – long course meters (L), short course meters (S), or short course yards (Y). Do not convert yard (meter) times to meter (yard) times. If entries are made by paper (not using Hy-Tek), swimmers should indicate on their entry the course at which the entry time was made (i.e., Y, S, or L).

Cut-off Times: None

Qualifying Times: Three (3) or more AA 15-16 Motivational time standards

Times Eligibility: Times must be achieved between July 1, 2016 and the entry deadline.

Three Event Rule: With three (3) qualifying times – may swim any event

Age: As of July 20, 2018

Number of Events: Swimmers may compete in up to three (3) individual events per day and one (1) relay event per day; 7 individual events total. Swimmers who enter more than 3 events per day must circle in the 3 events to be swum 45 minutes prior to the start of the preliminary session.


Meet Fees:

Individual Event Entry Fee (per event):                   $13.00

Relay Entry Fee (per relay event):                             $16.50

Swimmer Surcharge Fee (per swimmer):                 $15.00 ($10 – host teams/facility + $5.00 ESA)

Free electronic heat sheets will be available


Finals & Scratching:

The administrative rules for the conduct of Gulf Swimming meets shall follow the Administrative Conduct of USA Swimming Championships, USA Swimming rules 207.11.6D and 207.11.6E as modified below:

Any finalist who fails to compete in finals or consolation finals, or any other bonus final heat, for which he or she has qualified and failed to scratch with the Clerk of Course prior to the scratch deadline, shall be banned from further competition in the meet in accordance with the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations and will be assessed a fine of $50.00. A club, which has not paid the fine, will not be allowed to register for membership in Gulf Swimming until the fine is paid.

In a Prelim/Final meet, the finalists and alternates for finals shall be announced and shall have thirty (30) minutes after the announcement to scratch from finals. Any qualified swimmer in the event (a swimmer is qualified for finals or consolation finals or any other bonus finals if he or she has successfully complete the event in prelims) may be moved into finals due to scratches, therefore all swimmers who will not be present at finals must scratch to avoid a possible suspension from the meet and a fine of $50.00. Thirty (30) minutes after the announcement, no further scratches shall be accepted, the existing scratches will be tabulated and the finalists and two (2) alternates for the event shall be set. Only the finalists set at this point may be subject to the above fines and banishment from competition, even though any qualified swimmer may be moved into finals. The alternates, after the existing scratches are tabulated, will not be penalized if they are unavailable to compete in finals.

The USA Swimming National Championships Meets “reserve the right to scratch” rule is not applicable to any Gulf Swimming meet



Late entries will be accepted each day up to 45 minutes before the start of each session. Those swimmers missing the 11:59 pm, Friday, June 29, 2018 deadline may enter the meet on-deck in the following manner:

1. On deck entries are open to those athletes assigned to the meet location by the TPC Chair through the meet entry procedures.

2. Swimmers must pay double the entry fee at the time of entry. Swimmers not already entered in the meet must also pay the swimmer surcharge fee.

3. Swimmers must supply completed entry forms. The swimmers will be seeded into open lanes in the pre-seeded events and according to their best times in deck seeded events.

4. Swimmers must enter all events for the session forty-five (45) minutes prior to the start of the session's first event.

5. Swimmers must be qualified to swim the event entered.

6. Swimmers must not exceed the allotted number of events allowed each day.

7. Swimmers that on-deck enter to change their entry time in a deck seeded event,

a. must circle-in on the posted circle-in sheets,

b. the on-deck entry time will be used for seeding, and

c. the on-deck entry fees still apply to these swimmers.

8. Heats will be added, if necessary and if the timeline permits.