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July 19, 2018 - July 22, 2018
July 9, 2018
July 18, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Host:  Tennessee Aquatics 


13 Over Prelims &  All Finals
Allan Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center

2200 Andy Holt Ave
Knoxville, TN 37916

12 Under Prelims
UT Student Aquatic Ctr
2106 Andy Holt Ave, 37916


Meet Event File 

Psych Sheet as of 7-18-18, 12:31pm

Estimated Timeline as of 7-12-18

Zone Team Information

Lane Assignments and Warm-up and Warm-Down Information

Officials Application for SES Championships

Entries for the 2018 Southeastern Swimming  Long Course Championships will be due on Tuesday July 10.  Remember that ALL entries for this meet must be done via the USA Swimming Online Meet Entry (OME) Program.  OME will open On Monday June 11.  Please read through the following notes regarding this year’s meet before completing your entries:
Event File for Team Manager and Team Unify:
All entries must be done through the USA Swimming OME platform.  We have attached an event file for you to use for billing purposes in your Team Manager and Team Unify programs.  Please note that due to the way our meet functions, the base line entry time on this event file will be listed as the Bonus Cut for each event.  Please do not rely on this event file for event qualification.  That will still follow established rules and posted time standards on the SES website and in the OME platform.
Qualification Period:
The opening date for achieving a 2018 SES SC or LC Championship Qualifying Time is September 1, 2016.  Times achieved before this date can not be considered for entry.  
Short Course Qualifying Times may be used for Entry:
This is a reminder that swimmers may use 2018 SES SC Championship Qualifying Times for entry into the 2018 SES Long Course Championship Meet.  OME will default them to their Long Course time if they have cuts for both Long Course and for Short Course.  FYI, events will be seeded in the following manner:  Long Course Hard Cut, Short Course Hard Cut, Long Course Bonus Cut, Short Course Bonus Cut.
Distance Freestyle Event Qualification:
Swimmers wishing to compete in the 13&Over 800 meter Freestyle and 13&Over 1500 meter Freestyle may use Qualifying Times for entry from any of the following events:  800 meter Freestyle , 1500 meter Freestyle, 1000 yard Freestyle, 1650 yard Freestyle.  Swimmers in 11-12 800 meter Freestyle will enter using their 400 meter Freestyle or 500 yard Freestyle Qualifying Time. 
Clarification on 13-14 and Senior 50 yard Events (Hard Cuts vs. Bonus):
Just a clarification, if a 13-14 or Senior swimmer possesses a 2018 SES Qualifying Time (aka Hard Cut) in the corresponding 100 yard stroke event of the 50 Back, 50 Breast, or 50 Fly, then they will have achieved the Hard Cut for the 50 of that stroke, meaning that they will not need to use one of their two available Bonus swims for that 50 (does not apply to 50 yard Freestyle).  Reminder that the 13-14 and Senior 50 Back, 50 Breast, and 50 Fly may be used as Bonus events regardless of if they have achieved a Bonus cut in the corresponding 100 yard event.  Additionally for 2018, the 50 yard Freestyle may be used as a "Free Bonus" event as there will be no established Bonus cut for that event.  A swimmer who has achieved a Hard Cut in the 50 yard Freestyle will not have the 50 Free count against their Bonus entries. 

Thursday Timed Finals – at Allan Jones (New)
3:30-4:45PM / Competition 5:00PM

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - at Allan Jones Aquatic Center
13&Over Prelims – Warmup 7:15-8:45AM / Competition 9:00AM

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - at Student Aquatic Center (Old - Blue Brick)
11-12 Prelims & 10&U Timed Finals - Warmup 7:15-8:45AM /Competition 9:00AM

Friday, Saturday, Sunday at Allan Jones Aquatic Center
11&Over Finals - Warmup 3:45-4:45PM / Competition 5:00PM

This meet has been designated an Officials Qualifying Meet (OQM) for National Certification.  Those requesting N2/N3 evaluations need to complete the USAS application and forward to the Meet Referee.  No official will be permitted to work during a session unless they have filled out an “Application to Officiate” form (found on the SES web site under 

‘Members’ / ‘Officials”, and been accepted by the Meet Referee.  The Southeastern Swimming Officials Committee will assign officials, with the concurrence of the Tech Planning Chair and the Host Meet Director.  All officials are welcome to attend clinics, even if they are not working the session.  Administrative Referee/Administrative Official and  Starter Clinics will be given in the Hospitality Room, before the preliminary sessions as follows: 

1) Starter Clinic: Saturday at 7:30 AM.
2) Administrative Referee/Administrative Official Clinic: Sunday at 7:30 AM.

Officials Application for SES Championships

Parking and Facility Rules:

Student Aquatic Center Allan Jones Aquatic Center doors will open at 6:45am on Fri/Sat/Sun

Swim and Tri will be on site. Concessions will also be available for sale in the Student Aquatic Center during prelims, and UT concessions will be available in the Allan Jones lobby during full competition. 
*PARKING ON University Campus for Summer Session:
Parking will be located at the parking garage across the street from our facilities.  Parking will be $5.00 each entry into garage. You may also meter park on Volunteer Blvd. at available meters. If you choose to not park at the designated areas, you are parking at your own risk and could be subjected to being towed and ticketed.   

Families will sit in the stands and are not allowed on deck unless working.  

Feel free to bring sleeping bags/blankets, chairs, and items to occupy your swimmer when not in the pool, these items are allowed on the pool deck only, not in the stands.

Coolers are allowed on the pool deck, not in the stands.

There is no running or throwing of balls (or any other object) in the building

Fine Designs will have meet t-shirts, and sweatshirts for sale.

Provisual will have photographers availble.  Schedule a photographer to take pictures of your swimmer.

Seating - Alllan Jones we have grand stand seating upstairs.  Down stairs there will be bleachers for swimmers and coaches only to sit on deck.
Student Aquatic Ctr we have bleachers on middle deck and upstairs.
You may put tents outside without stakes outside

Pictures during the races: The officials have asked that no flash photography be used during the races as a flash start is used

Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms, or on deck. 


From McGhee Tyson Airport

  • Follow U.S. 129 (Alcoa Highway) north to Knoxville.
  • Take Neyland Drive exit and turn left onto Neyland Drive.
  • Turn left at next traffic light onto Joe Johnson Drive
  • Take third left into G7 garage. Facilities located on the right.

From Altanta

  • Follow I-75/I-40 to Exit 386.
  • Exit onto U.S. 129 (Alcoa Highway) south (toward Airport and Smokies).
  • Take Neyland Drive exit and turn left onto Neyland Drive.
  • Turn left at next traffic light onto Joe Johnson Drive
  • Take third left into G7 garage. Facilities located on the right.

From Nashville

  • Follow I-40 to Exit 386.
  • Exit onto U.S. 129 (Alcoa Highway) south (toward Airport and Smokies).
  • Take the Neyland Drive exit and turn left onto Neyland Drive.
  • Turn left at next traffic light onto Joe Johnson Drive
  • Take third left into G7 garage. Facilities located on the right.

From Asheville

  • Follow I-40 to Exit 388.
  • Exit onto James White Parkway (left hand exit). ( James White Parkway turns into Neyland Drive.)
  • From Neyland Drive, turn right at third traffic light onto Joe Johnson Drive
  • Take third left into G7 garage. Facilities located on the right.

From Lexington

  • Follow I-75 to I-275 to Knoxville.
  • Take Exit I-275 onto Henley Street (U.S. 441).
  • Turn right onto Cumberland Avenue immediately after you pass the World's Fair Park.
  • From Cumberland Avenue, turn left onto Melrose Ave
  • Follow onto Andy Holt Ave
  • Take right into G7 garage. Facilities located on the left.

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