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Away: TEST

July 19, 2018 (02:00 PM) - July 19, 2018 (05:30 PM)
July 17, 2018
July 19, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)



  • This meet WILL go later than other dual meets due to the size of our teams. Plan accordingly!
  • Town of Essex Pool, 208 Sandhill Road, Essex, VT 05452
  • From our  Summer Team Schedule page, this is one of our "BIG Dual Meets" where we hope for the best attendance, enthusiasm, and energy possible!
  • Job sign-ups are a little different for away meets as the home team takes charge on many assignments. Check them out!
  • DIVING SAFETY:  Relay legs #2 and #4 for our 8&U and 10&U relays who start from the turn end will be performing in-water relay starts. swimmers will be performing A reminder that swimmers who have yet to complete the USA Swimming Racing Start Safety Certification Protocol, to the best of the coaching staff's ability, will be told to perform an in-water start or their highest level achieved racing start from the side of the pool. ALL SWIMMERS will be performing racing starts from the side of the pool, regardless of their experience or skill.


  • Absences Due: Two days before the meet, by 8:00pm. CLICK HERE TO DECLARE YOUR ABSENCE. It is always assumed your swimmer will be attending
  • Arrival: 5:00pm SHARP | Warm-Ups: 5:30-6:00pm | Swimmers Recieve Event Cards: 5:00pm | Meet Start Time: 6:00pm | Approx. End Time: 8:30pm


  • There is ample parking at Sandhill Pool.


  • The coaching staff is beyond grateful to have such a supportive group of parents. We have some of the smoothest meets because of our volunteers, so please continue this tradition by clicking "Job Signup" to see how you can get involved
  • Our Parent Volunteering document is attached, which describes what each position does
  • As a reminder, there is a $75 "opt-out" fee for families that elect not to volunteer for the season


The two most important parts of our team! How do we have fun and display good sportsmanship? We have a few expectations of our swimmers:

  • Say hello and make a new friend with someone you may not know from the visiting team
  • Say "Good luck!" before your race and shake hands afterward
  • After your race, grab a snack and/or water, and head to the pool deck to cheer! A positive, LOUD atmosphere can make swimmers feel extra excited for their races
  • Stay until the very end so we can do a LOUD sportsmanship cheer to commend the excellent swims of our friends from the visiting team


  • Due to the late ending, we highly recommend doing this lovely thing called "going to bed." Don't worry, you'll see us in the morning for our Fun Friday!


  • Please be mindful of the hard work their staff puts in each time there is a meet to keep the facilities, pool area, and pool water in the best condition for the public's enjoyment. Pick up any trash that you may see
  • We know how exciting other areas and equipment may seem, but the swimmers are NOT allowed to use them at ANY time, including arrival
  • If you are in need of immediate help, ANY STAFF MEMBER IS AVAILABLE TO HELP: Lifeguards, Coaches or any other staff members.