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2018 Woodlands Invitational - COMMIT (due 6/26)

Jul 21, 2018 - Jul 22, 2018
June, 26 2018
11-12 Boys,11-12 Girls,13-14 Boys,13-14 Girls,15-18 Boys,15-18 Girls,6 & Under Boys,6 & Under Girls,7-8 Boys,7-8 Girls,9-10 Boys,9-10 Girls (2018 Team Membership)


2018 Woodlands Invitational

Woodlands Invitational is a fun and exciting 2-day meet and is a good pre-view of the County Championships and VSA Championships competition.  However, entries are limited as follows:

  • Each team may enter 3 individual entries and 1 relay team per event

  • Each swimmer pay compete in up to 2 individual and 2 relays

The 2018 Woodlands team and events will be selected by the coaches from the swimmers who commit to this event by Tuesday 6/26/18.  

Do it now!

  • Coaches will select the Woodlands team based on current season results.  (If you would like to be considered for an event in which you have an NT, please request to swim that event at the 6/27 Del Amigo Meet.)
  • The coaches' goal for this meet is to put together a team with the highest point-scoring potential. Therefore, please note that it is possible swimmers could be selected for events outside of their best/favorite stroke if it means giving the team a chance to score more points. 
  • Lineups are created at the coaches' discretion and coaches' decisions are final.

If you are available and would like to be considered for the Woodlands team, please go to the event page and COMMIT your swimmer ASAP.  If you cannot make it, please DECLINE.  Swimmers in UNDECLARED status may get more emails on this topic.  (Kitten and pre-team swimmers are not eligible for this meet.)  We have a short turnaround period and we ask that every family commit or decline to this event as soon as possible to reduce the amount of behind the scenes work.

When you commit your swimmer(s) it will be assumed that you are available both days.  If you are only available one of the days, please note which day in the comments. Since each swimmer can only do 2 individual events, it’s possible that some swimmers will have events only one of the days.

After the selected swimmers are identified, you will receive the notification to proceed with payment.  



Woodlands Cabana Club 111 Longleaf Dr., Walnut Creek, CA 

6-lane racing and 6-lane middle (warm-up/cool down) pools are available.

Time-line and Check-in Information:  

Saturday, July 21st & Sunday, July 22nd 2018

If you sign up a swimmer for this event, you will be assigned a job to work at the meet. 

Meet starts at 9:00AM and runs till about 4/4:30PM on both days utilizing the trials/finals format except for relays and IM which will be timed finals.

Trials/Finals Format:  Everyone swims in the morning and top 12 swimmers make the consolation/finals heats in the afternoon.  Additionally, 13th and 14th swimmers are asked to stay as alternates in case of last minute scratches.

Clerk of the Course:  All swimmers are required to check in through the Clerk of the Course. NO changes will be accepted at the Clerk of the Course. No parents will be allowed in the Clerk of the Course for any reason during the meet. A coach from each team will be allowed in the Clerk of the Course. All swimmers should be clearly marked with their first initial and last name on the right shoulder and each of their events – heat and lane – should be noted on their hand.

Entry Fees:

  • $7.00 – per swimmer per event.  Maximum of 2 events.

  • $5.00 – per swimmer splash fee

  • $5.00 -  per swimmer Aquacats admin fee


  • Individual

    • Trophies: High point earner boy and girl in each age group

    • Medals 1st – 6th

    • Rosette Ribbons 7th – 12th

  • Team

    • Top ~4 teams get trophies.

Food Service:


Schedule of Events:

ORDER of EVENTS - Saturday, July 21st

Saturday July 21st - Warm-Ups

SRAC warm-ups are 7:40 – 7:50am in lanes 1, 2, 3,and 4 of the racing and middle pools on mornings.

ORDER of EVENTS - Sunday, July 22nd  

Sunday July 22nd - Warms-Ups

SRAC warm-ups are 8:30 – 8:40am in lanes 1, 2, 3,and 4 of the racing and middle pools on mornings.


Important Notices:

Rules: Flyover starts will be utilized for 9 & up.  6 & Under will be expected to swim 100% legal stroke 100% of the time.

Potluck: No potluck, sorry!

Team Areas: Our team area is identified on the attached map.  It is the same location that we've been in for the past several years.  We become close "neighbors" over the weekend, so please be sure that you do not encroach upon another team’s area without permission and avoid moving someone else’s property. It is sometimes difficult to ascertain where your area begins and ends, so rather than creating bad feelings, please contact one of the directors to help sort out any misunderstandings.

Photography: We will have Sports Unlimited Photography at the event where families may pay an additional fee to get photographs of your swimmers (details will be provided by Sports Unlimited Photography on the date of the event). Due to limited space on the deck and safety issues, no additional photographers will be allowed on deck. Unfortunately, any other photographers will be asked to stay where other spectators are sitting. We hope you understand the necessity to do this for space and safety reasons.

We all know how crazy the parking can be at Invitational. As in years past, we will have set up a
loading and unloading zone in front of the pool. To help with traffic flow, we ask that drivers
enter via Conifer Lane and exit Dogwood Lane for drop off. There will be no RV parking in
front of the pool; this is to insure the comfort and safety of the teams sitting immediately outside
the club. Please ask all your members to drive slowly on these streets, we have seen extremely
close calls and we do not want to see anyone hurt. Please no parking in the Citrus Walk
condominium development next to the club.

Swimsuit Guidelines: Swimsuits at the Woodlands Invitational must meet the criteria listed below. Swimsuits that do not meet these guidelines will not be allowed at the Woodlands Invitational. Swimmers appearing at Clerk of the Course wearing suits that do not meet the below rules will not be allowed to swim.

  • For female swimmers, the swimsuit shall not cover the neck or extend past the shoulders, nor extend below the knee.

  • The swimmer must wear only one swimsuit in one or two pieces

  • For male swimmers, the swimsuit shall not extend above the navel or below the knees. Men’s swimsuits are in one piece subject to decency rule and observance of limitation in surface covered.

  • No zippers or other fastening system is allowed.

  • Only swimsuits complying with the FINA Swimsuit Specifications may be worn.

  • All swimsuits shall be made from textile materials.

  • Other items covering the body and not part of the swimsuit are prohibited.

  • Any kind of tape on the body is not permitted unless approved by the Referee.